A Beautiful Mess

This is a fanfiction about One Direction. Comments and criticism welcome!


2. Savior?

I woke up the next day to find myself in a bed. I hadn't been in an actual bed for a long time. I relished the feeling of the soft cotton against my aching back, and the coolness of the pillow radiating on my skin. I snuggled for some more time before coming to my senses. Where was I? I looked around the room for some clues. I found the room intriguing. It was small and homey, with red curtains and pale yellow walls. I turned my head towards the glossy red door. Slowly and sluggishly, I moved out of my comfortable mattress and my feet had just hit the wooden floor when a wave of pain washed over me. I cried out, feeling my ribcage. I carefully tugged up my shirt and saw bruises lined all around my abdomen and ribcage. I got panicked, and slowly struggled my way into the bathroom to look in the mirror. I was stunned to see my own reflection. I gasped and touched my face delicately  My black hair with red highlights was tangled up and my lips had a little scar over them. I backed away too see my body a little better. My clothes were torn in various places and I had scars all over my body. Then it hit me. The events of yesterday bombarded me. I sank down against the wall, sobs racking my body. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. 

"Can we come in?" called out a voice. 

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