A Beautiful Mess

This is a fanfiction about One Direction. Comments and criticism welcome!


4. My story


I was baffled. These perfect boys had saved me from my potential death. I was speechless. I didn't know what to do or say.

"Do you want to tell us why you were walking the streets of New York alone at night?" asked Niall, a concerned look on his face. The rest of the boys sat down on the bed and waited. I nodded grimly and started telling my story.

" I am an orphan. I live in Haligans Orphanage for girls. I've lived there for my whole life. I don't know anything about my parents nor do I want to. I am constantly teased at that place because whenever someone comes to adopt a child, I always seem to mess something up, ruining my chances of getting adopted. One day I just got fed up of the whole atmosphere and took all the money I earned from doing chores for others and got a plane ticket to New York. I soon found myself being chased by these horrible men, and then you saved me. Long story short." 

At this point I was crying horribly again. Niall sat closer to me and slipped his arm around my shoulders. 

"I must look like a mess." I chuckled through my sobs. 

Niall smiled warmly and shyly stated, "A beautiful mess. " 

I blushed a brilliant shade of red. I looked over at the rest of the boys who were now looking from Niall to me with little smirks on their faces. Then the striped boy named Louis spoke. 

"You can stay here for as long as you want love." he said warmly.

"Thank you so much!" I said, excited now. Without thinking I threw my arms around Niall and buried my face into his neck. Suddenly I realized what I was doing. I started to let go of him until another force tackled me. I was submerged in a sea of beautiful boys. I grinned as they all squeezed me tightly. Suddenly another pang of pain racked through my body. I gasped and they all let go simultaneously and sat next to me in concern.

I smiled and said "It's not your fault." 

Their faces relaxed a little bit. 

"It's totally these stupid muscles." I said smiling.

They laughed and Justin smiled, "You must be hungry?" 

My stomach rumbled, answering his question. 

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