A Beautiful Mess

This is a fanfiction about One Direction. Comments and criticism welcome!


3. Meeting

I analyzed the voice carefully. It seemed warm and helpful. Then I remembered. This was the same voice that I heard before I blacked out. I moved as fast as I could and wiped my eyes, sitting on the bed. 


The sound of my own voice startled me. It had come out so sharp and piercing. It was unfamiliar. I turned my attention back to the door which was slowly opening. It fully opened and 6 figures appeared in the doorway. They shuffled into my room. I blinked my eyes a couple of times. They were boys. I could tell by their figures. My vision came back into view again and I saw their faces. The one standing closest to me had a mop of curly hair, dimples, and piercing green eyes. The boy standing next to him had a shaved head, with warm puppy dog eyes. Then there was the one in stripes with his hair perfectly shaped into a quiff. He had pale blue eyes and a teasing smirk. The boy next to them had a quiff as well, but it was more spiky. He had brown hair and brown eyes. Then there was the boy at the end. He was the most beautiful out of all of them. He had blonde hair and the prettiest blue eyes I had ever seen. He was staring back at me, so I shyly turned away. The one with the puppy dog eyes spoke first. 

"I see you're awake." he said smiling.

I nodded slowly and then realized. This was one direction. And Justin Bieber. What were they doing here? I blurted out the first thing that came out of my mind.

"Why are you here?''

The one with piercing green eyes I recognized as Harry smirked and said "Well hello to you too."

I blushed and looked down at my hands in embarrassment. The beautiful blonde boy I recognized as Niall spoke next. 

"Harrys just being Harry love." he said and sat next to me on the bed. 

I smiled at him cautiously. He smiled back. 

"What I meant to say was that how did I get here?" i asked curiously. 

Liam spoke next 

"We found you being abused by a couple of men and we took care of them and brought you here. They are all in jail now." 

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