A Beautiful Mess

This is a fanfiction about One Direction. Comments and criticism welcome!


6. Getting to know...

I was in such a panic when I was packing to leave the orphanage, I didn't even know what I had packed. I emptied out my duffel bag and chose an oversized hand me down shirt from the donation pile in the orphanage. All my clothes were from the donation pile. We got the clothes the kind people donated. This shirt had my favorite cartoon character Spongebob on it. Yes Spongebob. Don't judge. I remembered watching it in the 30 minutes of TV time we got. I clutched the shirt closer to my chest and walked over to the bathroom. I closed the door and made sure it was locked before stripping off my clothes and stepping into the shower carefully. 


I sat down and waited for her shower to be over. She was... I don't even know how I feel right now. My feelings for her were undeniably flaring up every time I looked at her, which was a lot. She had black hair with red highlights, a perfect body, with lips that were naturally plump and pink, and beautiful big brown eyes. She was short, but that didn't really matter that much to me. She was perfect. I was still thinking about her when I heard a voice. She was singing. It was beautiful. The other boys had also heard it. She was singing Christina Aguleiras "Beautiful". My heart beat faster than usual. She was perfect in more ways than one. Complete with a funny and caring personality, beauty, and now a voice too. I needed this girl. Daya. I wonder what it meant. 

"That's her singing right?" asked Harry. 

"Well obviously." said Zayn, smirking, but still baffled. 

"She's amazing. We should ask her to open for us when we tour." said Liam.

"YES!" I said, making everyone jump.

"THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!" I said getting excited. 

"Looks like someone has feelings for Daya." said Louis, a teasing smirk playing on his face. 

I blushed and said, "Maybe." 

They all looked at me for 5 seconds before they clapped their hands and jumped on top of me, making teasing remarks about my crush on Daya. I noticed that Harry wasn't as enthusiastic as he would have seemed, but I ignored it. I was too excited about being with Daya. 

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