A Beautiful Mess

This is a fanfiction about One Direction. Comments and criticism welcome!


1. HELP!


i cried as i slipped over the stairs of the apartment complex. They were hot on my heels, I could feel it in my body. I ran until I could run no more.

"We found you you little slut!" one of them sneered pushing me against the wall roughly.

"I'm glad we found your pathetic little ass." said the other one, grinding his hips forcefully into mine. I winced in pain and whimpered,

"Leave me alone!" 

"Sure we will you little whore, after you take your clothes off!"

Their laughter was like nails on a chalkboard. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and the big one grinding with me moaned in pleasure. His breath stank like stale beer, and he had a gut the size of Michigan. Suddenly his patience ran out. He ripped of my black, button down shirt in a frenzy, leaving me in only a bra. His friend clapped a hand on his shoulder.

"My turn." he said with childlike glee. The first one moved, letting the second one through. He put his hands on my breasts, and I shoved him away. He only chuckled and inched my bra down slowly. Then, everything froze. I heard a voice, followed by maybe 5 more. The last thing I remember was that voice. Then I blacked out. 

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