12 feet

A poem about me and my dad.


1. 12 feet

The sun rose with you
Now it sets with you.
Carved stone two feet deep
You, 10 feet more.
Tears will no be spared
God does not pity
Love does not care, 
Not for you.


Trapped behind steel
In cracked brick towered walls.
Your home covered in tape,
Soon to be.
Foresee the white outline


           Plastering the floorboards.
Your love like kryptonite
Your fists like acid,
Your heart yet to see.
Please! Please, foresee the tape,
Hear the sirens
Hear the tears.


Wishing for tomorrow,
Like wishing for pigs with wings.
That you would not swallow poison
Wishing Pandora's box was never opened.
Awaiting my escape.
Hand me my key or lay your hands on me

For the last time.

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