Wolf Boy & Me

The boy that climbs through your bedroom window has a connection with the new boy that turns up at your school in the middle of the year, who has a connection with the wolf sightings that have been seen around your area. Isn't that a coincidence? What if they aren't all different things? What if they are all the same thing, that will lead you to a whole other world that you never knew existed? Find out what Natasha has to face, when a certain somebody enters her life.
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1. Chapter One


It was deep into the night and finally, I unpacked the last few boxes and my room was set. Moving into a new house was not easy, if you ask me. All weekend I was helping my dad set the rest of the house. It was hard work, especially when your big brother won’t help. His name is Nathen Thorne and he is one heck of a lazy boy; never does any work. But I love him never the less. Anyway, I finally got round to doing my own room and it’s perfect.

My four walls are a shiny plum colour and various pictures decorated them. I had a massive picture of my mum that hung above my bed on the wall. On the far wall I had a board filled with memories, of my friends, family and past pets. I had my fair share of furniture too. I had a white wooden bed, desk and stool, wardrobe and many other things. My rug was fluffy and purple; it lay in the middle of my room.  I had a small chandelier dangling from the ceiling. Let’s just say my room was very classy and I liked it like that.

What I liked most in my room was the window. It went all the way from the floor to the celling and had double doors. When you opened it and walked out, you came upon a balcony. I opened the double doors and stepped out. The cold night air ran like fingers through my curly hair and it blew gently onto my face, making me relax. I closed my eyes and took in the calm atmosphere, letting the cooling air massage my face.  Even though I only moved a couple of streets away, I had a whole new view that had a completely different atmosphere. It felt nice, to have a change.

There were loads of buildings; small and tall. Their tiny windows let out beams of light that illuminated the midnight sky. Along with the buildings, there was a forest in the distance. I was always intrigued by the creatures that lived in them. I smiled at the memories of when my mum and I used to take walks on the weekends through the forests. Sadly she passed away a few years ago. I looked up to the sky; above me was the white glistening moon that shone on everything in its way. The little stars sparkled and the biggest star of them all was my mum, Naomi Thorne. I took a long moment to say goodnight to her and tell her how much I loved her. I wiped the tears that escaped my eyes and sighed before going back inside.

I glanced at the clock that hung in the space above my door. It was almost midnight and to be honest I was feeling really tired. All the heaving of boxes and unpacking everything took a lot of energy; I was drained out. I stretched my arms out and yawned aloud. Tomorrow was a school day and I needed to get some rest if I was going to turn up on time. I grabbed my purple penguin pyjamas, stripped myself naked and put them on. I tied my hair into a pony tail and slid underneath the covers. My body heat warmed up the covers over me.

Sighing, I switched off my lamp and the darkness settled into the room. The contrasting moon shining through my window was my only source of light, along with the stars. My eyes gradually came to a close as I talked to my mum in my mind, I don’t know what it was, but looking at that star made her seem closer than usual. I yawned once again and sleep was bestowed over me.

I dreamt that I was with my mum in the forest. She was taking my hand and leading me further and further in. The wind was blowing through her curly cherry red hair as she pulled me behind her. I was just like my mum. My hair was curly and cherry red; our eyes were as green as emeralds, we both had long eyelashes and pink plush lips. However my nose was like my dad’s: petite and round. Dad would always say that I was a mini version of my mum and I was happy to hear it.

I followed behind my mum into the forest and then stumbled over some rocks and fell. I sat up right and gawked at my grazed knee. Luckily I didn’t get hurt that badly and managed to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill. My mum stopped to turn around and look at me; her eyes were all glassy from the reflection of the sun that was above. Once she noticed my graze, she ran over and knelt down on the forest ground next to me.

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry.” My mum fussed, kissing my cheek. “Does it hurt?” she asked, taking off her red flowing scarf and wrapping it around my knee. My mum was always so protective, sometimes she cared about others much more than herself.

“I’m okay mum.” I said in a shaky voice. I didn’t want her to think I was weak. I wanted to show her that I was a brave solider and that I could handle pain. Just like her. My mum was never the one to cry and feel helpless. She was the one to put a smile on her face and carry on with whatever life threw at her. Sadly, life threw too much and she died of cancer. At least, that’s what everyone else told me.

Once she’d finished wrapping my knee with her soft scarf, she lifted me up and helped me stand. I was firmly on my own two feet and walked around a bit. In actual fact I was more limping than walking. I looked towards my mum who had a thinking face on, and then a smile stretched on her face. I would recognise that expression anywhere; she had an idea. I was glad my mum was with me, she always had solutions and seeing her smile made a smile travel up to my own lips.

“I have an idea,” She stated. “But you have to promise me, you will not get scared or run away from me.”  She put both her hands on my shoulders and looked deep in my emerald eyes. A hint of worry flashed in her expression. I gave her a puzzled look. Why would I get scared from her or even run away? What kind of an idea did she have that would make me want to do that?

However, I trusted my mum with all my heart. I knew she would never do anything to hurt me. If she didn’t want me to be scared of her or even run away, I wouldn’t, because there was no reason for me to do so. I took a deep breath, nodded my head and breathed out “I promise.”

My mum grinned from ear to ear and kissed my forehead. “Thank you, honey.” She whispered. I closed my eyes as her warm lips pressed against my head once again. I inhaled her sweet aroma of lavender and honey suckles. I could distinguish her scent anywhere from a thousand others. It was my mum after all.

Slowly she pulled back and gave me stern look to say ‘stay’. I did as I was told and my feet sprouted roots that dug into the ground. What was my mum planning to do? I watched as she backed a few steps away from me. My eyebrows rose. Was she leaving me?

Once she was a quite a distance away from me she stopped and gave me a little smile. I smiled back, nervous at what she was going to do. Then she mouthed ‘don’t run’. I stood firmly in my place. Suddenly, I saw my mother leap towards me, her clothes tearing apart as she did so. What was happening? My breath caught in my throat and my emerald eyes closed whilst my arms went out in defence. Only a second or two went passed, when I heard a great big thud followed a heavy breathing, which was not my own.

I very slowly opened my squinted eyes and put my arms down by my sides. I tried to even my breathing and then looked in front of me. The first thing I saw was a lot of soft, red, shaggy fur. The sunlight that was seeping through the cracks in the canopy above, reflected quite nicely with it. It almost urged me to reach out and bury my hands in it; I was about to until it moved, causing me to jerk my hand backwards.

Just then, right in front of my face appeared a pair of big, bright green eyes. They were so mesmerising, like I could have stared into them all day and not have a care. They were so soft, that they reminded me of my mum’s eyes. Suddenly the realisation of what just happened hit me. My mum, she jumped, her clothes all ripped. There was evidence of that on the forest ground. Now all that was in front of me was this huge, red, furry, green-eyed thing. I didn’t even know what it was.

My heartbeat raised and I stumbled backwards, trying to get some space in between myself and the creature. The creature ducked its head down a little, but its gaze was still on me. I looked at the creature a bit more and came to a better sense of what it was. It had erect ears that were more of a dull colour than its fur, a long broad black snout, and four massive paws. Travelling along the body, I came upon a tall bushy tail. It looked like a dog, but a lot bigger. It was more of a… wolf. This wasn’t an ordinary wolf; ordinary wolves weren’t that huge, they didn’t have sparkling emerald eyes. No ordinary wolf, would prowl towards you hungrily… or maybe they would.

My eyes widened and my heart beat picked up the pace. There was a live wolf right in front of me, no doubt thinking about what a wonderful feast I was to make! I slowly backed away and grabbed a stray rock that was on the muddy ground beneath me. I held it tight in my hands and just when I gathered enough courage, I threw it far away, into the bushes. Perfect. I saw that the red furred wolf was distracted by my act for a brief second. Pleased with my cleverness, I took off. My mum had vanished into thin air leaving me all alone with this beast that popped out of nowhere.

I ran all the way back from where we had come from. Even though my leg still hurt badly from the fall, I kept pushing it harder to run faster. I brushed past the leaves of the trees and the bushes that came in my way and almost stumbled over some big tree roots peering out of the ground. My breathing got faster and I could literally hear my heart pumping the blood around me. I ran and ran, hoping to lose sight of that… wolf.

Once I thought I was far enough, I slowed down into a jog, catching my breath as I did so. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, in through the nose and out through the mouth. I kept doing that until my breathing was even. I gulped loudly and didn't dare to look behind me.

I managed to pick up some courage, so I closed my eyes, turned my head around and then gradually opened my eyes. To my relief there was no massive, hairy wolf there. It was just the trees, bushes and me. I sighed deeply and smiled to myself. I can’t believe I survived that, alone. That brought me back to thinking about my mum. Where had she gone off to? I stared off into the distance of the wolf, hoping to see my mum appear out of nowhere holding the beasts head in her hand. However there was no sign of her. I sighed once again and turned back around to go back home.

Once I turned back, I wished I didn’t. Right there was the wolf I had been trying to run away from. It was right there, its face inches away from my own. It’s hard breathing tickled my neck and it eyes glowed brighter than before. My eyes widened and I did what anyone else would do in this situation.

I screamed. I screamed so loud that I was sure people halfway across the world would hear me. I screamed with all my might, energy and air I had left. I screamed for help; for someone to hear me, but mainly, I screamed for my mum.


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