Some Poetry

Just some poetry that I've written. Hope you enjoy, leave comments, any criticism? :)


1. Ode For the Holocaust

The world cries, years

later, only after the leader dies,

He let the race run dry, '

as the religion didn't cry.


His name sounded cold

He felt the people were too old.

His name is foreign, and is bitter

to the touch. He couldn't think

of anything better, to do with

his clutch.


The world cries for ones

it never did know.

He drew one final straw

from many people's paitence.


Some called him the

leader, others called him

a coward.


He shared the name of

many who died. Undesirable!

He would yell through tyrany.

Many died, when the world

cried. Ignorance lives, and

a person gives in to the dark.


The world cries though

they do nothing, they only cry,

and that's how people die.

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