Some Poetry

Just some poetry that I've written. Hope you enjoy, leave comments, any criticism? :)


2. I'm Sorry I Disappointed You

I gaze at the ceiling,

As tears and clood shed.

The razor rests beside me,

On the brink of overuse.


The ceiling starts to fade,

Making it look unreal, and whistful.

The water laps aound

Me, my fully clothed body

Resting in a tub with blood

And water, a deadly cocktail.


My eyes flicker towards

The water near my wrists,

A few deadly whisps of

Red stain the water.


I gaze at the ceiling once

Again, it's faded, and cloudy,

Like the reminince of

A memory.


The blood flows to a stop,

The swirls linger around me.


Breath failing to unhitch,

I'm in a sleep, I won't

Wake up. The last thing I hear

Is a knock, and a weep, as I whisper my last few words...

I'm sorry I disappointed you.

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