Dubble Band

A girl band made up of five girls meets one direction at a dubble band concert


7. Ups and downs but mostly downs.

Vacation was fun. we went to the best beach house ever. it was huge. We all un packed our things because we were going to be here utill the end of the summer. We walked out side and started goofing off. the other boys (not niall) were all like my older/ younger brothers. me and liam were fooling round in the water and the paparazzi got a picture of us. then on the cover of Pop Star magazine we were there. The title was, Ryall and Liamer, are they gone or just on break?. the artical went like this

Liam Payne, of One Direction, and Ryan Neal, of Going Up, are spoted at the beach together. An insider tells us that the might have a thing for each other.

The rest was just blah. I called liam and told him about the magazine. just after i hung up i got a text. 'Babe i still love you please come back for me.' It was my Ex-Boyriend Will Taylor. Uggg, i broke up with him when i went to the x factor, because i knew i was good enough to be gone a while. 'Im dating Niall Horan! Do you talk to anyone, everyone knows.' i responded. Ok i admit i had no reason to break him or his heart. But on the other hand i had Niall now. I might have Known Will longer but i love niall more. ' I want you i will find you' he responded then i herd a knock on the door. Zayn called up to me and i left my room and went down stairs. No,No,No. there he was in my living room.

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