Dubble Band

A girl band made up of five girls meets one direction at a dubble band concert


4. Tour starts

Soon enough wendsday came, and the tour started. All ten of us shared a giant tour bus. There were only five rooms but each room had two beds. " I think each room should have one boy and one girl, that way we can get to know each other better." I said. "Good idea." Zayn said. " Ok so, Summer and Liam can share a room,Then Sarah and Zayn, and Ariana and Harry,  and Sierra and Louis can share." I said, and to my suprise nobody complained. Well nobody but Niall. " What about me?" He asked. " You get to share a room with Ryan!" Liam yelled. This is going to be fun, shaing a room with my One Direction crush, 'yay' i thought. When Liam said that my face flushed red. I also saw Niall blush. We all unpacked and had lunch before our first concert that night. We wrote lots of songs, most of which were songs for both groups. We then opened up with One directions song 'What Makes You Beautiful'. Then all of us sang a song called 'Without You', just us girls then sang 'Look At You'. We sang a lot more songs then Harry said, " Thank you for coming out, and please buy our album Going Up In One Direction, by One Direction and Going Up!"  "Good Night London!" we all yelled simultaniusly.

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