Dubble Band

A girl band made up of five girls meets one direction at a dubble band concert


5. More tour

We did the same thing in about five other places and then we went to Florida. In Florida we did the same thing for the tour but then, on stage, Niall asked me to be his girlfriend, and i couldn't belive what i herd. The audiance fliped out i her a few "awww"s and a one or two "how cute"s. Most of the coments were rude, like " Why her she's fat and ugly!" Other were very rude people called me nasty things, like a little b****. Then Niall yelled out to the crowed, " Beause i love her!" and then Harry said " Ryan is a very nice and talented girl, she is not fat or ugly, not at all." Then all i coud hear is the rude things people were saying, and it took me back to all the bullying in middle school. I started bawling and ran of the stage.Niall and the rest of the groups ran of to help me. " Ryan, are you ok?" Niall asked. "NO IM NOT!" I couldn't help but yell. "Niall, shes not mad at you, she just yells when she is upset." Ariana told him. "How do you know?" He asked. "I've known her scince middle school, she used to get bullied every day." She told him. "Ryan, they're just jelly of you." Louis said trying to comfort me, and make me laugh. " Yes." i said. " Yes what?" Niall asked. "Yes i will be your girlfriend." i said. Then Niall hugged me and i started to cry again." Whats wrong now?" he asked. "Facebook, i dont want to look ever again." i said.

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