Dubble Band

A girl band made up of five girls meets one direction at a dubble band concert


3. Meeting one direction

Now you know about how we got to be famous heres how we met our boyfriends (Oh, I forgot to tell you we are dating 1D) -

To start our career we got to preform at a dubble band concert.We didnt even know who the other band was. When we got to SPAC, where we were preforming, we found out it was One Direction. Now all of us girls beimg big 1D fans we almost started to scream. We got to meet our favorite guys ever. We got to go first and we sang our song, look at you. we were then offered to go on tour with one direction.We of cource said yes. After giving out autographs we went to the back stage ready room to chill. Then 1D came in and sat on the couch opposite us. "Hi,im Ryan, this is Ariana, Summer, Sarah, and last but not least Seirra." I said ackwardly. "We know who you are." Niall said. "Ya we are big fans." Harry added blushing as he looked at Ariana."We are big fans of you too." Summer said staring a Liam."So we will see you Wednsday when the tour starts." Louis exclaimed loudly. "See ya then." Seirra said as they walked out the door.

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