Dubble Band

A girl band made up of five girls meets one direction at a dubble band concert


8. Kidnapped

He grabed my arm, gently so he didn't hurt me. He pulled me out of the door into his car. "Zayn help!" i managed to yell before Will shut the door. " You are MINE." he said. We drove forever. we ended up back in my home town of Glenville. Our beach house was in New Jersey and I was origanaly from New York. He drove me to a restuurant that was the most framilliar place in the world to me. Carms. My family owned it and as far as i knew my aunt owned it now. My mom still worked tere and so did my brothers. Will then decided to show me some thing else. The first place we met. It was the same as always. It was the Scotia-Glenville Middle School." I still love you Willie." i remembered that line it was such a bee sting. Will kept murmuring it over and over. " those were your final words to me." he said.


Who,where, why, how? all of those Questions ran through my head. Harry called her cell. he put it on speaker. " hello" a deep voice on the other end said." No its Will Taylor." Ari said. " Who?" "Ryans Ex."she replied. "Who is it" a faint female voice called. " No one now shut up." wil Said to the voice. " hey Will its me Ariana." Ari said. " Oh hi we are just hanging out at the middle school how nice of you to call." Will Said. " Oh i got to go." Ari said " K " Will said. Harry and Louis both looked puzzled and Liam and Zayn just stared at the Phone. " We need to leave NOW before will does some thing to Ry." Sierra added. " but where are they" i asked. " New York." all four girls said in sync.

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