Dubble Band

A girl band made up of five girls meets one direction at a dubble band concert


9. A trip down memory lane


Why did Will have to take Ryan. I looked on Twitter and there she was. All of the fans posted "SAVE RY" One guy Named Mr. Neal(some boys were just as obsessed with us as girls are with 1D) said, Ryan is mine forever and always. It  turned out that, that was Will. We were driving for so long and we were all so tired. Will went crazy and ignored everyone when Ry broke up with him.


Finaly shes mine again. I brought her to the first place we saw each other. Our sixth grade science room. then i brought her to the room where she first asked me out. Our seventh grade math room. Then I finnaly took her to where we had our first kiss. Right outside the girls locker rooms. Then i kissed her again. This time she actualy fought me back. Then i herd people running down the hall.


We bolted down th hall way looking for them. There they were up against a locker kissing. Or should i say Will was kissing her and she was fighting him off. Then Niall screamed and ran down the hall way pulled Will off of Ryan and punced him. "Niall stop its not right to hurt him." Liam yelled. " Ya not with out us." Harry Zayn and Louis said charging forward. To our suprise Will started apologisig and said " im sorry i dont know what came over me."

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