My Big Brother

Ashely Styles is 11 months younger than Harry. She loves her brother to death. They're best friends. Everyone knows who they are. Especially Ashely's name. She's every boy's dream girl. Funny, wild, crazy. And good looking. She charms her way out of trouble. Harry thinks no one is good enough for his sister. He scares off every guy she goes on a date with. He loves her to death. Ashely's his best friend aside from his three other mates (Niall, Louis and Liam). But not even they are allowed to look at her for too long let alone ask her to prom without approval.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled at him.

"Why are you acting like this?!" He followed me up to my room.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I hung up my phone.

"I CAN'T BELIEIEVE YOU!" I pushed him out of my room.

"Ashely! What did I do!?" He begged for an explination.

"Never talk to me again! You're not my brother!" I screamed.

He made him leave. He did this.


31. The Date

**Zayn's POV**

That Friday, there was a knock at the door. I heard two familiar voices.

"MUM!" They yelled.  

I sighed. "I have to go, they're here." I said into the phone.  

"Zayn, they're your sister. Give them a chance. Please?" Ashely begged on the other end.  

"I'll try." I replied.  

"Good enough for me!" She giggled.  

"You have fun on your.... Date..." I groaned.  

"It's not a date. I don't like him. Think of it more as a forced hang out." She explained.

"Yeah. Either way, I'm going to hate this."  

"Zayn!" Mum yelled from downstairs.  

"Ash, Mum's calling me." I whined.  

"Go downstairs." She ordered.  

"Stay on the phone for a minute?" I asked.  

"Fine." She replied.  

I went down the steps.  

"ZAYN!" The two voices yelled then hugged me.  

"Aawww.." Ashely said on the end.  

"Shut up." I groaned.  

"Zayn Jawaad Malik!" Dad yelled from the door.  

"Guess that's my que to go. Bye Ash." I sighed.  

"Bye Zaynie." She giggled. "You be good to them. And don't burn the house down. And make sure they don't eat anything they're not supposed to! And-"  

"Do you want to come and watch them!?" I spat.  

"No but-"  

"Then hush. I know what I'm doing. You have fun tonight. Bye beautiful!" I whispered quickly.  

"Bye for the 58th time." She scoffed before letting the line go dead.  

"Who was that-"  

"So, Mum. Dad. I'll see you Sunday night." I interuppted Wahliyha.  

"Bye Zayn." Mum came over and hugged me. 

 "Remember, no girls." Dad ordered loudly from the door.  

I didn't hug my mother back. I just waited for her to let go. Once she did, she could see I was annoyed.  

"Wait, what about Sunday Morning? I'm supposed to work." I began.  

"I don't think they'll mind if you miss one day." Mum walked back to the door.  

I followed her. "Um, yes they would. They can get very busy on Sundays."  

"Zayn, I think Ashely will be okay without you for ONE weekend." Mum groaned.   "Whatever, then." I rolled my eyes.  

"Hey. Wipe that attitude." Dad ordered  

"Yes sir." I replied.  

They left. I shut the door and locked it before turning back to the two girls who were nowhere to be found.  

"Girls!?" I yelled.  

"Up here!" Safaa replied.  

I ran up to my room and saw them laying on the bed.  

"Um, no. Get out. Just because I don't live with you anymore doesn't mean you can just come into my room without permission." I scowled.  

"Hey, this is pretty." Safaa held up a chain that was sitting on my bedside drawer.   I ran over and yanked it from her hands.  

"Hey! What's the deal! That's a girl's necklace!" She sat up.  

I got close to her face for intimidation. "Do not touch this. Do you hear me? Never. Touch. This. I will murder you if I see it in your grimy little hands again." I gritted through my teeth.  

She put her hands up in defense  "Well. Since you're so into girl's jewelry "   I looked in my mirror and put it on. Waliyha giggled.  

"Do you have something to say?" I spat.  

"No." She replied sheepishly.  

"Go downstairs. The both of you. Go find a movie to watch or something." I ordered.   They both got up and ran downstairs.   How badly I wish I could be Chris. At least he gets to look at the prettiest girl in the world for tonight.  

*Ashely's POV*  

I hung up my phone then got back to getting ready.   I wore a white and black polka dot dress.  My hair was left down in a curly mess.   When I got downstairs. I could already hear them chatting.  

"Hey, you be good to her. Alright?" Harry chuckled.  

"Don't worry. I will." Chris replied.  

"Remember to make me the best man at your wedding." Harry joked.  

"HARRY!" I scolded from where I was standing.  

Chris shot up and blushed. "H-Hey Ashely."  

"Hi Chris." I smiled slightly.  

"Well, I don't want to keep you kids waiting! Go out! Have fun! BYE!" Harry pushed us out the door.  

I inhaled deeply then began to walk with Chris.  

"I still can't believe you accepted my date request." He smiled.  

"Hehe.. Yeah.." I replied awkwardly. "So, um. Where are we going?"  

"I actually wanted to take you out for a movie." He explained.  

"Cool. What movie?" I asked.  

"A scary one." He smirked.  

This fucker.  

"Cool." I replied.  

We got to the theater. He got our tickets and I payed for my own popcorn and drink. We got into the cinema, then took our seats.  

"So, um.." He began.  

"Can you excuse me? I need to use the restroom." I said.  

"Oh, go ahead." He stood up and let me through.  

I ran outside as quickly as I could then began to think. Run. Run far away and never look back. No, Chris' feelings will be hurt! You weak hearted bitch. I KNOW! SHUT UP!   I took a deep breath then took out my phone. It rang a couple of times.  

"Hello?" A voice said.  

"Um.... Hello?" This wasn't Zayn's voice.  

"Who is this?" The GIRL asked.  

"Ashely..." I replied. "Who is this?"  

"Zayn's girlfriend." She laughed.  

"SAFAA! GIVE ME MY PHONE! NOW!" Zayn's voice roared.  

There was a couple of muffled things. All I heard was him saying the word murder. I sighed.  

"Hello!?" Zayn said. "I can explain. That was my sister!"  

I let out a sigh of relief  "Oh."  

"What's up?" He asked.  

"I just wanted to talk to you before I got into the movie." I explained.  

"You having fun?" Zayn questioned.  

I groaned. "No! And the only reason why I haven't run away yet is because I'm a weak hearted bitch!"

"Hey, don't talk like that." He cooed. "It'll be over soon."  

I sighed. "I wish I could come over."  

"No one said you couldn't." He smirked.  

"Actually two people did. Your Mum and you Dad." I replied.  

"Who told you!?" Zayn seemed a bit surprise.  

"My Mum?" I replied.  

"Just come. No one will know if you did. Just tell your Mum you slept over at Katie's." He whispered softly.  

"Looks like we've got ourself a bad ass in da house!" I laughed.  

"Common, I can't wait a whole weekend to see you. Just come. One lie wouldn't hurt." He softly said.  

"Fine. I'll see you in a bit. Bye Zayn." I smiled.  

"Bye babe. You have.... Fun?" He teased.  

"Fuck you." I hung up with a giggle.  

I placed my phone back in my bra (I didn't have pockets! Alright?! Don't tell me you haven't done it.) then went back into the theater and sat down. Chris smiled at me.  

"Sorry if I took too long." I smiled slightly.  

"No, no. You're good. I know girls can take a while in the bathroom." He joked.  

Yeah, I didn't find it funny so my laugh was like this, "Hehehe..." Then you could hear the crickets.  

"Hey, the movies' starting." He pointed.  

Now let me tell you what Chris decided to get us tickets to. Paranormal Activity 3. I've seen this movie so many times with Louis it's not even funny. He dragged me back here until I wasn't scared anymore. So now, this thing is like watching Ghost Busters. I knew every twist and turn now so nothing was scary to me anymore. Chris pulled the fake yawn and put his arm around me only to jump and pull his arm back. I sat emotionless the whole time. Honestly, Chris was acting like a six year old. He was terrified  During the middle of the movie, I decided that was enough.  

"Let's go." I whispered to him.  

He nodded and quickly got up. We left the Movies and just walked into the night.   "Sorry." Chris whispered.  

"For what?" I raised an eyebrow.  

"Just.. Ruining your Friday." He explained.

  "You didn't ruin it." Yes he did. Shut up.  

"I just.. I dunno. I'm still a bit in shock that you are on a date with me. Out of all the guys, me." He said.  

"Aw, Chris." I smiled and pushed him slightly.  

"I've liked you for a long time." He whispered.  

I said nothing.  

"Like, really liked you." He laughed.  

"Aw.." Was all I could respond as we approached a street corner.  

The giant lamp shining down on us.  

"Ashely, would you.. You..." His voice trailed off.  

"Listen.. Tonight was.. Amazing... But I'm sorry... I don't like you like that. I mean, you're best friends with my brother. I couldn't do that. I mean, what if we were to break up? Harry would be sitting in an awkard situation." I quickly rejected him before he could even ask anything.

"But I promise we won't break up!" He fought.  

"Chris, we just wouldn't work out." I said.  

"But if you just gave me a chance-"  

"Chris, no means no!" I snapped.  

He grabbed me and kissed my lips hard. I pulled away feeling disgusted. I smacked him across the face then rubbed my lips.  

"Have you not learned from Hayden?!" I yelled.

"I can't believe you Chris! I actually was about to consider you but now... Now...."   I backed away slowly while shaking my head.  

"Ashely, wait. I-I didn't-" He held his cheek and came closer.  

"Stay the fuck away from me!" I yelled then ran off.  

*Zayn's POV*  

Somebody shoot me. Please. I'm so tired of watching Pretty Little Liars. Someone save me.  

"I wonder who the killer is.." Safaa whispered under her breath.  

"It's-" Wahliyha began but Safaa covered her mouth.  

"Mona." I smirked.  

"ZAYN!" She turned to me and screamed.  

Someone began to bang on the door. Safaa tried to run to the door. I pushed her onto the couch.  

"Are you insane?!" I whispered and shut the light off.  

The banging continued.  

"Wait here." I softly said then went to the door.

I put my ear to it. Through the bangs, I heard some sniffling. I opened the door.  

"Finally!" She yelled then hugged me.  

"Ashely?! What's going on?!" I held her tightly.  

"I fucking hate him. I hate him so much!" She muttered into my chest.  

"Zayn..." Safaa began.  

"Go upstairs, babe." I whispered.  

Ashely rubbed her eyes then ran up. I locked the door.  

"Ohh... I'm telling!" Waliyha narrowed her eyes.  

"Alright, call Mum right now." I crossed my arms to show her that they didn't scare me.

"I honestly don't care. Call Mum. Tell her that Ashely is here. Tell her she's in my room. Hell, TELL HER WE'RE HAVING SEX! I don't give two shits!" I ran upstairs with no regrets of using such words.  

I slammed my door shut then layed next to Ashely.  

"What happened?" I whispered.  

"Stupid Chris kissed me!" She spat. "I feel so violated!"  

I hugged her. "Come here, babe. Don't cry." I whispered.  

I held her tightly for a while as her tears lightened up.  

"Will you go downstairs and apologize to your sisters?" She suddenly requested. "I heard what you just yelled at them."  

I scoffed. "They don't care." I explained.  

"Please." She muttered.  

I sighed. "Will it make you happy?"  

Ashely nodded and wiped her eyes. I took her hand and brought her down the steps.   "Safaa... Waliyha... I'm sorry for yelling at you." I said.  

Ashely squeezed my hand.  

"And for using profanity." I sighed.  

"It's fine." Safaa replied as if it weren't a big deal.  

"Yeah. We're cool." Waliyha agreed.  

"Will you introduce me?" Ashely whispered.  

I looked back and saw her dry up her tears. I nodded.  

"Guys." I brought Ashely over to the couch. "This is my girlfriend, Ashely. But you can call her Ash.



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