My Big Brother

Ashely Styles is 11 months younger than Harry. She loves her brother to death. They're best friends. Everyone knows who they are. Especially Ashely's name. She's every boy's dream girl. Funny, wild, crazy. And good looking. She charms her way out of trouble. Harry thinks no one is good enough for his sister. He scares off every guy she goes on a date with. He loves her to death. Ashely's his best friend aside from his three other mates (Niall, Louis and Liam). But not even they are allowed to look at her for too long let alone ask her to prom without approval.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled at him.

"Why are you acting like this?!" He followed me up to my room.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I hung up my phone.

"I CAN'T BELIEIEVE YOU!" I pushed him out of my room.

"Ashely! What did I do!?" He begged for an explination.

"Never talk to me again! You're not my brother!" I screamed.

He made him leave. He did this.


30. Sisters

When I got home, I went straight to my room and layed down. I thought about how much Zayn's changed.

Remember the first day we kissed? And he told me he wasn't who he seemed to be? Well, he only breifly went over what had happened during his life.


This time? It was more in depth. More details. And for him to just break down and cry?   Who would hate Zayn? I mean, he's so nice. But he's always speaking of his anger and I've never seen it. I mean yeah, there are those moments where he doesn't want to talk to me and he did snap at me for accepting Niall's game night invite but that was for a few seconds and it wasn't serious at all. So why is he so freaked out? I bet his anger isn't that bad at all.   "Ashely? Are you home?" Someone knocked then came in.   "Hey Gemma." I smiled.   "Hey." She sat on my bed.   "Is Harry home from his game yet?" I asked.   "No, he says he'll be a while. They're probably placing bets and what not." She rolled her eyes and laughed.   I nodded.   "So, were you at Zayn's house?" She raised an eyebrow.   "Would you kill me if I said yes?" I mocked her actions.   Gemma laughed and shook her head. "No, Ashely. I wouldn't."   "Good. Because I was." I smiled.   "Did he give you that?" Her eyes directed behind me.   I looked over my shoulder and saw the teddy bear. I grabbed it then hugged it. "Yeah." I looked at her, still holding the bear in my arms. "He says that it reminded him of me so he got it."   "That's cute." She smiled.   We sat quietly for a moment.   "So I heard about Chris." She began.   "Gemma, I don't want to go out with him but he looked so sad. And you know I'm weak hearted." I sighed.   She squeezed my arm. "Do you like Zayn?"   "I like him a lot." I whispered.   "Then don't worry about this date. If you like Zayn a lot, then Chris shouldn't be a problem." She smiled slightly.   "I don't see why Harry wants me to date him so badly. I mean, I don't even like Chris. I barley know the kid." I said.   "Harry's weird. But all I know is that he's doing what he THINKS is best for you. Not what's really best for you." Gemma replied.


I nodded.

  "Girls? I'm home!" Someone yelled from downstairs.   "MAMA!" We both scurried down to hug her and give her a kiss.   "I missed you guys too." She giggled.   "Harry's not home." I began.   "I know, he texted me. And I came in saying 'GIRLS!'. Not 'GIRLS AND A BOY!'." She joked.   I laughed.   "Look what Zayn gave Ash." Gemma gasped as I pulled away.   I looked down and saw the bear still in my grips.   "It's a cheerleader just like you. And she even has your uniform." Mum teased.   I kissed it's head. "Mine!"   Mum laughed. "I bet he makes you happy."   "Mum, she says she likes him... A LOT!" Gemma snickered.   I rolled my eyes. "Whatever the two of you."   We all went into the living room. Mum let me lay on her lap and Gemma was on the recliner. Mum caressed my forehead.   "He's a very lovely guy." Mum whispered. "I approve of him."   "Thanks Mum." I smiled.   "You seem happier around him. He's changed you." She began.   I gave her a weird look.   "I mean, you're just so full of life. Even with your past boyfriends, you were never this happy. I even noticed that someone's making a C+ in math!" She explained.   "A C+!?" I gasped.   I wasn't stupid, oh no. I just didn't want the work.   "Even Mrs.Tails called me to tell me she's proud of you. She said that you've started to get your work done in class and you're doing good on tests." Mum said.   "That's because Zayn and I have a deal. We can't talk to each other in class until we both finish our work. Then we study together for an hour and a half on different sides of the room and everytime we decide to distract each other, it adds a minute onto study time. And with more study time means no cuddling time." I explained.   Mum laughed. "You two are good influnces on each other."   I shrugged. "If you say so."   "I'm very proud of you." She kissed my forehead.   "Thanks Mum." I replied.   I felt my phone buzz. I picked it out.   "I had a wonderful day with you. Thanks for everything. :)" Zayn had texted.   I giggled. Mum pulled the phone from my hands.   "MUM!" I screamed and tried to get it.   "I had a wonderful day with you! Thanks for everything! Smiley face?! AW!" She joked.   I groaned. "Gemma, this woman cannot be old enough to have three children. She acts like a teenager!"   "Hey, I'm just that cool." Mum said in a.... Mumish way....   "You're unbelieveable." I grabbed my phone and typed out my response.   "I can't wait to see you tomorrow!" I said.   "I should so do something to ruin your plans!" Mum gasped.   "Do you hate me?" I asked her.   "Ash, I'm joking." Mum began.   "No, I'm pretty sure you hate me." I faked. "I mean, first you wouldn't let me eat a cookie! Then you wouldn't buy me an iPhone 5s!"   "First world problems." Gemma nodded towards me.   "I let you have Zayn, didn't I?" She laughed.   I hugged her. "Yes, you did. Thank you, Mummy!"   "I'm home!" The front door opened.   "HAZZ!" I yelled and jumped on him.   He held me up and spun me around. "Hello to you too!"   "I missed you, big brother!" I cooed.   "I just saw you a couple of hours ago." Harry replied a bit confused.   "I know, but still." I snuggled into his neck has he still held me.   He walked into the living room and paused.   "I dunno." Gemma said.   I guess he had asked what has gotten into me.   "What? Is it a crime to be happy?" I asked.   Harry rolled his eyes then set me on the couch. I layed down on my stomach and grabbed my bear and cuddled it.   "So, what's for dinner?" Harry rubbed his hands together then sat down on my legs. "I'm starving."   "What do you guys want?" Mum called from the kitchen.   "Can we have Pizza!?" Harry gasped.   "That's okay with me." Mum said, obviously not in the mood to cook.   I swooned to myself.   "What's up with you?" Harry layed down so his back was against mine.   I groaned in pain but then relaxed. "Nothing's wrong with me."   "Why are you so happy?" Harry asked.   Gemma drew a heart in the air when I looked back at her. I giggled.   "No reason, Harry." I sighed.   "I heard Chris got the balls to ask you out and you said yes." He smirked.   "Whatever." I rolled my eyes. "I don't see why out of all the amazing, suitable guys, you've chosen Chris."   "Chris has liked you since day one because of who you are! Everyone else likes you because of your looks." He groaned.   "No, they don't Harry. Some guys actually like my personality." I fought.   "Name one." He challenged.   I didn't reply because the only name that stood out was ZAYN. I took a deep breath.   "Get off of me, will you?!" I pushed him.   He rolled off of me and kneeled on the floor. He stared at me.   "I'm waiting..." He smirked.   "Harry, go away." I groaned.   "Who gave you this?!" Harry grabbed the bear out of my hands.   "HARRY!" I stood up with him.   He held it high above me. "Reach for it, Shorty McShortShort."   "Harry! Stop!" I jumped.   He raised his arm higher. "Aw. What's wrong?"   "HARRY!" I yelled and tried to reach for it. "MUM!"   "What's the problem?" He laughed.   "HARRY!" I kicked him in the shin.   He dropped down and held his leg.   "ASHELY!" Harry scolded.   I grabbed my bear and ran upstairs before he could murder me. I locked both doors then layed in my sheets.   "Ashely Styles!" Harry yelled.   I squealed.   "Why did you kick me?! It's just a bear!" He said.   "Harry, leave your sister's bear alone!" Mum shouted.   I opened the door and saw them both standing there. "Yeah!"   "It's just a hunk of stuffing." He groaned.   "But if Ashley doesn't want you to touch it, then don't. If you do that one more time," Mum narrowed her eyes as if saying Try me. She didn't even finish because we all knew that meant trouble.   Harry huffed. "It's just a stupid bear."   "Well, maybe it means a lot to Ash and she doesn't want people to touch it." Mum shot back.   I smiled.   "So, I suggest you stop it now." Mum turned on her heel then went down the stairs.   I clapped. "Love you, Mum."   "I love you, both!" She replied.   Harry gave me a smug look. "You over react way too much!"   "Or maybe, this thing does mean a lot to me." I replied.   He rolled his eyes in return. "As I said. You over react way too much." With that, Harry went into his room.   If only he knew.   *Zayn's POV*   I was going to say it. But it's too early. I don't want to rush things. I want to wait for the perfect moment.   I couldn't believe I had told her my story. No one knows that story as well as I do and I hated speaking of the details. But I trust Ashely. Even if I did meet her two weeks ago, I couldn't help but feel a close connection with her.   "Zayn." Mum knocked on my door.   "It's open." I replied.   The door slowly creaked as she peaked her head in. "Hey." She smiled.   I sat criss cross on the bed and stared down. She came and sat down.   "Safaa and Waliyha called." Mum whispered.   I nodded but still didn't look at her.   "They want to visit." She put her hand on my knee.   My eyes shot up to her. Mum slowly took her hand back then rested it in her own lap.   "Listen, your father is going to come down and drop them off. Then I'll go back with him to Bradford for the weekened." She explained.   "So basicly.... You want me to babysit." I spat.   "Zayn, it's your sisters." She whispered.   I said nothing because I didn't want to get in trouble.   "Please, Zayn. They really miss you." Mum pleaded.   "Whatever." I pulled out my phone.   "One more thing." She covered the screen. "We don't want Ashely over."   "So first, I'm going to lose my weekend to a couple of little girls. Now you're telling me I can't hang out with my girlfriend? Cool, Mum. Cool." I rolled my eyes then yanked my phone away from her cover.   "Zayn." She whispered.   "May I be alone. Please." I asked.   She got up. "I love you." She kissed my forehead then left.   I sighed then opened my text messages. Nothing from Safaa... She could've contacted me. Waliyha too. Didn't Dad buy her a phone last month?   Whatever. That's cool.   AUTHORS NOTE: Hiya! UPDATE!!!! YAY!!! I can't believe so many people have stuck with me on this story since the very beginning! You guys mean a lot! You do.  30TH CHAPTER!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I LUV YOU! ~Luv KittyKat <3
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