My Big Brother

Ashely Styles is 11 months younger than Harry. She loves her brother to death. They're best friends. Everyone knows who they are. Especially Ashely's name. She's every boy's dream girl. Funny, wild, crazy. And good looking. She charms her way out of trouble. Harry thinks no one is good enough for his sister. He scares off every guy she goes on a date with. He loves her to death. Ashely's his best friend aside from his three other mates (Niall, Louis and Liam). But not even they are allowed to look at her for too long let alone ask her to prom without approval.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled at him.

"Why are you acting like this?!" He followed me up to my room.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I hung up my phone.

"I CAN'T BELIEIEVE YOU!" I pushed him out of my room.

"Ashely! What did I do!?" He begged for an explination.

"Never talk to me again! You're not my brother!" I screamed.

He made him leave. He did this.


26. New and Old Boyfriends

"Who is that?" Zayn whispered under his breath.   "What are you doing here?" I asked him.   Chris walked over. "I brought you something."   He handed me the rose. I accepted it just to be polite. "Thank you, Chris."   "I was.. Um.. Wondering.." His voice trailed off.   Zayn squeezed my hand from under the table.   "Yes, Chris?" I urged him to go on.   "Wouldyouliketogoonadatewithme?" He quickly spat out.   Zayn's fingernails began to dig into my skin. But that was alright because I'm pretty sure I was doing the same thing.   "What did you say?" I was hoping he didn't ask me what I thought he did.   "Would you like to go on a date with me?" He sheepishly asked.   Zayn dug his nails deeper into me. I winced causing him to stop. But he was still squeezing the hell out of my hand.   "Chris, that's really sweet of you.." I began. "But, I'm too busy. I'm really trying to focus on my cheerleading."   "Oh.." He looked down. "I get it. I'm sorry for wasting your time."   He slowly walked out of the store and down the shop. Guilt deeply filled me.   "Zayn, one date. No games, I just don't want to hurt his pride." I quickly said.   "Are you insane?!" He stood up.   "Zayn! I just... LOOK AT HIM!" I pointed.   His head was hung down low. His hands shoved into his pockets, Chris looked depressed.   "Zayn, no funny business. Just one; to get him off my back. I promise." I whispered.   Zayn gave me an unsure look. I pointed outside. He looked at Chris then at me.   "Whatever." He groaned.   I ran to the door. "CHRIS!" I yelled.   His head snapped up, and looked at me.   "I'll go." I said.   "Really?" He quickly ran back.   "Just one date. That's all." I explained.   "But what if you have the time of your life?" Chris teased.   "Then you can be my boyfriend." I scoffed.   He took it as a challenge. I could feel holes being burned into the back of my head.   "Then you can have a second date. But that's all. I don't want a boyfriend." I said.   "Prepare to eat your words!" He skipped away as the happiest man alive.   I groaned. "Stupid Harry."   "Then he can be your boyfriend!?" Zayn stood up.   "I didn't mean it. Besides, what is there to do in this town thats just soooo fun?" I rolled my eyes.   He brought me to the back. "You can't just go around and say those kinds of things!"   "Well, what did you want me to say? I'm sorry but I already have a boyfriend?!" I argued.   "Everyone else seems to know, why not him!?" He spat.   "Him and Harry are close! They're in a band together!" I explained.   Zayn took a deep breath. I puckered my lips. He walked away from me.   "Zayn, it's not like I'm actually going to be his girlfriend. I can't even stand the kid." I followed him and grabbed his hand.   "Just leave me alone." He groaned.   "Zayn." I frowned as I regretted joking with Chris earlier.   "I said to leave me alone!" He looked at me. "Please."   "I'm sorry." I replied. "I swear, I wouldn't have said yes or even thought twice about it if Harry didn't have anything to do with this."   He gave me a confused look.   "I don't know. Ever since Harry met him, he's been trying to hook us up but I don't even like Chris. I barley know the kid." I rolled my eyes.   Zayn hugged me.   "You're the only one I want for a boyfriend." I said.   He kissed my forehead. "Promise not to kiss him."   "Ew! I don't want cooties!" I scrunched my nose up at him.   He rubbed his nose against mine and chuckled. "You don't want my cooties?"   "Now that's different. I want your infection." I puckered my lips.   Zayn chuckled and pecked me quickly.   "Is this what you kids find romantic?! GROSS!" Mum yelled.   We both pulled away and stared at her.   "MUM!" I blushed.   "Figures. This generation has found a love in Zombies." She rolled her eyes.   I groaned. "The things I would do to you if you weren't my mother!"   "Hey, I thank her. Without her, I wouldn't have you." Zayn hugged me.   "Aaawww!!" Mum cooed.   "You've ruined the moment." I pulled away from Zayn. "How do you feel about yourself? You horrible mother!"   "Hey, I risked losing my ovaries for you. Don't speak like that." She narrowed her eyes.   "NOT IN FRONT OF THE CUTE GUY!" I yelled before covering my face and walking away.   "She used to walk around with underwear on her head!" Mum yelled.   Zayn began to burst out laughing.   "Hey, Mum! Don't you think it's time to dye your hair agian." I looked at them by peaking my head from the corner. "Oohh!! Diss!"   "Hey, I can take away your boy toy." She narrowed her eyes. "Try me."   I ran and jumped on Zayn. He held me up. "NNOO!!!" I yelled.   Mum laughed. "Kids."   "Kissy." I laughed.   He pecked my lips quickly.   "Okay, this is the 40th time you two have kissed in the past three hours. Don't you find that a problem?" Mum asked.   I put my head on Zayn's shoulder. "No." My baby voice rang.   He chuckled.   "41!" I yelled and pecked him once again.   "You two are making me sick." Mum pretended to stick her finger in her mouth while sticking out her tongue.   "42." I whispered just to piss her off.   "Ashely!" Mum groaned.   "Fine. 41 and a half." I kissed his cheek.   I jumped down and giggled.   "42." He pecked my lips then ran away as Mum turned to us.   "No more." She narrowed her eyes.   "42 and a half?" I kissed her cheek.   "Ash. Get back to work." She wiped her cheek. "I don't want Zayn's infection."   "Mum, you know for a fact that if you were my age, you'd want a peice of that." I winked.   "I should really take you children to church more." She shook her head.   I laughed then skipped back to the front and sat on the stool. Zayn walked past.   "43." He puckered his lips.   I put my hand to his face and he kissed my hand.   "No more, lover boy." I smirked.   "Your hand taste like cupcakes." He muffled.   I giggled. "That tickles."   He began to make random noises.   "I DON'T WANT GRANDCHILDREN!" Mum yelled from the back.   I stood up. "Alright. I quit."   Mum peaked around the corner. "I love you, Ash."   "Nope, still quiting." I shook my head.   "You can't quit because I'm firing you." She shot back. "For too much PDA!"   "I'm cool. I'm cool. I can have my Sunday mornings back." I teased.   "Go home, you two. You're done for the day. Thank you for disgusting me." She scoffed.   "Bye Mummy!" I waved.   Zayn and I went to the back then stripped our aprons. We began our long trek to his house.   "Your Mum is lovely." Zayn nodded.   "I know right! I love that woman!" I laughed.   Zayn rolled his eyes. "She's funny. I can see where your humor comes from."   "Oh heck to the no!! She got that from me!" I argued.   "Of course she did, Ash. Of course." Zayn sarcasticly replied.   I gasped.   "Joking." He smiled.   "I know." I responded.   "Course you did." He scoffed.   I pushed him gently. "Shut up."   We got to his house.   "Well, if it isn't Ashely. I haven't seen you since 5AM!" His mother put her hands on her hips.   The colour from my face drained. "Oh.. You uh... Saw me?"   "You children are not that sneaky." She shook her head.   Zayn grabbed my hand and ushered me up the stairs. We went into his room and he locked the door behind him. Zayn shut the blinds then layed on the bed, pulling me down with him in the process.   "Goodnight." He whispered and shut his eyes.   Our legs were tangled together as he placed my head on him. His chest would slowly rise and fall and the sound of his heart beated in my ear. The calm thumping lulled me to sleep.   *Zayn's POV*   Ashely Styles.   I'd do anything for her.   She's my girlfriend.   I admit, I like her a lot.   Her small body was wrapped in mine. Her head rested on my chest as if it were a pillow. Her body heat radiated onto me as we layed under the sheets. She was so perfect and adorable. Everything she did just made me like her more and more. I could see why many guys had a soft spot for her.   The only problem with our relationship is that we have to hide it from the person who matters the most to her. Harry.   Harry was a great guy honestly. I repsected him for protecting his sister so well. I just don't get why he's gone so overboard though. Has someone broken her heart in the past? Has someone betrayed her trust? Or is he taking a revenge out on her?   My mind buzzed as I smoothed out the back of her head as my eyes shut moments later.   -2 hours later-   I woke up to a small voice humming. Words were being drawn into the fabric of my shirt with a finger. I looked up and saw Ashely, wide awake.   "Morning beatiful." I kissed her head.   "Afternoon." She replied and giggled.   "How long have you been up?" I asked.   "About 20 minutes." She replied.   "What are you writting?" I watched as her hand traced more things onto me.   "Guess." She began to write. "It's cursive."   I felt her finger. "F."   "Mhm." She replied.   "O."   "Yup." She wrote a bit faster.   "E. V. E." I said.   "Last one." Ashely wrote.   "R." I replied. "Forever?"   She nodded.   "You're drawing over my heart." I realized.   "Because I want us to last forever." She drew a heart shape around the invisible word.   I chuckled. "We will be forever. Don't worry."   It's moments like this that made me feel like a good guy. I looked on my bedside drawer and saw a marker. I got a sudden idea. I grabbed it then pinned her down.   "ZAYN!" She gasped.   I pulled her shirt a bit.   "What are you doing!?" She screamed.   "Sh. Sh." I kissed her and brought the marker up to her skin.   She pulled away. "ZAYN!"   "Guess what I'm writing." I said.   "You're using permanent marker!" She groaned.   "So?" I began.   "Z." She blandly replied.   "Mhm." I wrote the next letter.   "A." She said.   "Good job." I smiled.   "Y." Ashely responded.   "And.." I wrote the last letter.   "N." She said. "You did not just write your name on my boob!"   "It's over your heart!" I scoffed.   She rolled her eyes then sat up. She lifted my shirt.   "What are you doing?!" I blushed.   "Shut up." She yanked the marker from my hands. "A.S.H.E.L.Y Exclamation mark. Swiggly line underneath." She said while writting.   I chuckled. "Nice tatooing skills."   "I could get a job like this." Ashely giggled.   Her smile is to die for.   "43?" I raised an eyebrow.   "43." She replied and leaned in.   Her kiss was just amazing. I'm a guy and I will admit, there are butterflies swirling through my stomach everytime I kiss her. She's just... I don't know how to explain it.   All I know is that I like her a lot.   AUTHORS NOTE: HIYA!!! I missed you guys so much!!! "I'm freaking out! OVER 1000 VIEWS OMG OMG OMG IM DYING YOU GUYS!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! <3 I think I'll update again today! Maybe later. I leave you with these somewhat disturbing pictures:


~LuvKittyKat <3

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