My Big Brother

Ashely Styles is 11 months younger than Harry. She loves her brother to death. They're best friends. Everyone knows who they are. Especially Ashely's name. She's every boy's dream girl. Funny, wild, crazy. And good looking. She charms her way out of trouble. Harry thinks no one is good enough for his sister. He scares off every guy she goes on a date with. He loves her to death. Ashely's his best friend aside from his three other mates (Niall, Louis and Liam). But not even they are allowed to look at her for too long let alone ask her to prom without approval.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled at him.

"Why are you acting like this?!" He followed me up to my room.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I hung up my phone.

"I CAN'T BELIEIEVE YOU!" I pushed him out of my room.

"Ashely! What did I do!?" He begged for an explination.

"Never talk to me again! You're not my brother!" I screamed.

He made him leave. He did this.


41. More Than Ready

**Ashely's POV**

I groaned the moment a text message on my phone telling me that Harry was outside.

"I have to go." I told Zayn.

"Nnnooo...." He whines. "Stay. Sleep over. Your Mum wouldn't mind."

"Yes she would. School night." I giggled. "Bye Zaynie." I stood up.

He scoffed. "No kiss? No I love more fight? You're boring!"

I rolled my eyes and pecked his lips. "I love you."

"I love you, more!" He rubbed his nose against mine.

"I love you even more than that." I giggled.

"That's impossible." He pulled me into his lap.

"Its been done." I giggled.

"By who?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Me!" I giggled raising my hand.

He ticked my side. "You're amazing, you know that."

I shrugged. "I try."

"Humble." He nodded.

I repeated my gestures. "I try."

"Why are you so adorable?!" He kissed my cheek.

"Hey, I turn 15 on Friday. I'm not adorable! I'm hot, sexy or scrum- dilly- umpchious!" I scolded.

"But you will always be my adorable babe." He snuggled his head into the crook of my neck, leaving small kisses. "You sure you can't sleep over?" He muttered.

"I would but I can't." I said. He frowned, pouting out his lower lip. "But hey, you get to sleep over on Friday."

"But I can't sleep right unless you're next to me." He said.

"Hon, I'm sure you were getting just as much sleep before you met me. Want to cuddle?" I grabbed a pillow and pushed it into his arms. "There."

"This pillow smells like my beautiful girlfriend!" He swooned.

I rolled my eyes. "You're such a dork."

He mimicked me by shrugging his shoulders and saying, "I try." I giggled.

He gave me a sly look before leaning in. We were millimeters away when a car horn blared. I suddenly remembered that Harry was outside. I pecked Zayn's lips then ran out and down the stairs. I said a quick goodbye to his mother, picked up my bag, straightened my shirt then opened the door to face to face with Harry. I looked down.

"What took you so long?!" He snapped.

"I was looking for my backpack." I sheepishly replied.

His face softened. "I'm sorry. Common, let's go." He smiled.

"Bye Mrs.Malik!" I waved.

"Bye honey!" She replied.

Harry lead me out to the car and opened my door. I got in and sat down, relaxing myself for a moment. Harry got in and started up the car. I looked out my window and saw Zayn. He was standing by his window and was frantically waving. I smiled and rolled my eyes at him. He blew me a kiss and rested his chin on his hands. I sent a discrete one back and stared as Harry began to drive away.

"So how was homework?" He asked.

"Boring." I groaned.

"Can I copy your answers?" He begged.

"You were at Louis' house for two hours!" I scolded. "Why didn't you do it while you were over there?! Don't tell me you spent the whole time playing that damn FIFA game!" I yelled.

"Calm your tits!" Harry laughed. "Did you even do homework? Or were you doing something, or someone, else." He smirked.

What the actual fuck.

"Wait, what?!" I jumped up. Does that mean he knows?! No.

"You thought you could keep a secret! I know You're in love with Zayn!" He said.

"Huh?" I gasped.

Harry began to laugh.

"What is going on?" I said.

"I'm just pulling your leg, you should have seen your face! But I know you wouldn't go behind my back and do something as stupid as.... I dunno. Secretly date. What a dumb idea. You wouldn't do that, right?"

Either my brother knows everything or he needs to check into a mental hospital for being so oblivious. Please be the second one.

"Hey, winter formal is next week. Who is taking you?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

As if on Que, my phone buzzes in my pocket. "Hold that thought." I say then open the message.

From: Lover Boy :P

Wear white for formal, yeah? Mum says my suit will go great with white.

To: Lover Boy :P

Excuse me, kid. Who says I have a date? 

From Lover Boy :P

Oh. Sorry. Ash, accompany me to winter formal? It would be an honor.

To: Lover Boy :P

Well, since you were so nice about it.

From: Lover Boy :P


To: Lover Boy :P

Of course Zayn. And I'll be sure to get a white dress.

"I have a date! I have a date!" I started doing a happy dance in my seat.

"Who is taking you?" Harry asked.

"Zayn!" I quickly covered my mouth.

"Ah ha! I knew you fancied him!" Harry put the car in park and pointed.

"We're just friends." I rolled my eyes.

"I know. You guys are best friends. I'm actually a bit glad he asked you." Harry smiled.

"And why is that, brother?" I raised an eyebrow.

Harry shrugged. "I don't want some random bloke to take you. At least I know for a fact Zayn won't try to pull anything. Also, you're like the only chick he has the balls to talk to." Yup. He' s oblivious. "He even finds Katie a bit creepy."

"Well, she did threaten to chop of his manhood." I nodded.

Harry chuckled and we got out of the car. We entered the house to slow music. My eye brows creased together as Harry and I looked at each other.

"Oh God. Not again." He grunted.

Mum and Robyn, her boyfriend, are having another date here! Barf fest!

"I suggest we leave...I'm still scarred from watching him trying to given her a hickey." I said.

Harry nodded immediately and we left back to his car. "Lets visit Zayn!" He cheered.

"You sure?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah. Me and him are really starting to bond!" Harry grinned, showing off his dimple.

"Alright, let's go." I smirked.

When we got there, Harry knocked on the door a little harder than intended.

"I'M SORRY!" Zayn covered his face as we entered the house.

"For what?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

I began to shake my head as a sign that Harry is still oblivious as ever.

"Sorry for answering the door in such a rude manner! Come in! What brings you two back?" Zayn opened the door and let Harry and I slide in.

"Mum is using our house for a date. We would lock ourselves in our rooms and blast some music but it's still creepy to know that they're down there." I explained.

"Well, you two are welcomed here whenever." Zayn smiled.

We sat down on his couch. His mother came in giving us questioning looks. I explained what had happened. She then raised an eyebrow towards Zayn who shook his head. She chuckled then walked off.

"So, Lets go up to your room, Zayn." Harry smiled.

"My room?" Zayn looked at him. "Sure!" We all stood up. As soon as we got to his door, he stopped us. "Hold on, let me see if it's clean. Wouldn't want to scar the two of you for life." He chuckles before sliding in.

"He's hiding something." I whispered.

"Porn magazines maybe?" Harry joked.

"What if he is?!" I gasped.

Harry and I looked at each other and both clamped our mouths shut.

"EW!" We both said before laughing. Zayn opened his door and looked at him.

"What's going on?" He asked.

"What are you hiding?" Harry immediately questioned.

"If you must know, before you two came, I was about to wrap Ashely's birthday gift." Zayn explained. "And I am not hiding any magazines!" His eyes narrowed.

"You heard that? Whoops..." Harry's voice trailed off.

"Forget that! I have a present in there!" I tried to run in. Zayn held me by my waist and leaned forward so my back was against his stomach.

"Good luck trying to find it." He smirked in my ear.

I looked up at him. This would've been one of our little moments but then I looked up and saw Harry who was on his phone texting. I elbowed Zayn in the stomach. He sighed then stood up.

"Come in, you two." Zayn smiled.

I trudge over to his comfortable bed in which I've probably slept on a million and one Times. Face first, I fell into my pillow on my side of the bed.

"Long day?" Harry asked.

I nodded.

"So Zayn, got any video games?" Harry asked.

"Of course I do. What kind if boy would I be without them?" He asked.

"A broke one." I giggled then sat up.

Zayn rolled his eyes. "That's not what your gift said."

I squealed. "Is it something good? Or are you just saying that?"

"We'll just have to find out on Friday." Zayn chuckled.

"She doesn't open presents until Saturday." Harry said.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" I punched his back.

"Ah! Ashelyyyy!" He groaned.

I stood up. "I'm going to the bathroom."

*Zayn' s POV*

As she left, Harry and I began to play video games.

"So, I heard you're taking their to formal?" He didn't even have to say her name. We all knew who he was referring to.

"Um. Yeah. Sorry for not running it by you. She's just the only girl that I'm comfortable with around here." I explained.

Harry nodded. "Its fine. I was actually going to ask if you would take her. I don't like her going with just anybody. She usually ends up going with Niall, and its not that I force him to, he just understands why."

"Why what?"

"Why I'm scared for Ashely to go with just anyone." Harry clicked his tongue.

"If you don't mind me asking, why don't you let her date and all that?"

Harry sighed and paused the game. "When we were younger, we had the absolutely perfect family. A Mum, two sisters and most importantly a Dad." Harry shook his head. "Then everything happened. It happened so fast that none of us even had a chance to grasp it before it was too late."

I could see the pained look on his face as if he were replaying the events in his head.

"When our parents split, I remember Mum crying for days on end. After that she was depressed. And months and months after, you could still see she was heartbroken. Even when she had boyfriends."

A sigh left his lips.

"Ashely had a picture of him in her room and after everything happened, she threw it away. She was heartbroken as well. We didn't even know what a divorce was, but we did know that our dad wasn't coming back. She cried and had nightmares."

He shook his head.

"I never wanted to see my sister go through that and this time through my Mum's point of view. It made me vow to never let anyone hurt my sister."

"But Harry, she's grown now." I said.

"And so was my mother!" Harry spat. "I love Ashely more than anything and I will stop at nothing to keep her happy." He spoke seriously.

"And what if a boyfriend makes her happy?" I narrowed my eyes.

"And what if a boyfriend is the reason she has to go back to the hospital for an anxiety attack from so much stress and crying?" He spat. "Do you really think she needs a boyfriend? She really needs to focus on school and in January, cheerleading. A boyfriend would just distract her."

"Maybe a boyfriend is just what she needs. As a big brother myself, I know my sisters can take care of themselves when they're ready to have a boyfriend." I explained.

"When they're ready." He repeated.

I sighed. "Ashely is more than ready for a boyfriend. I just know it."


Seriously? I think I spoil you guys with chapters too much... :P Anyone getting tired of updates? Should I stop for today?

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