My Big Brother

Ashely Styles is 11 months younger than Harry. She loves her brother to death. They're best friends. Everyone knows who they are. Especially Ashely's name. She's every boy's dream girl. Funny, wild, crazy. And good looking. She charms her way out of trouble. Harry thinks no one is good enough for his sister. He scares off every guy she goes on a date with. He loves her to death. Ashely's his best friend aside from his three other mates (Niall, Louis and Liam). But not even they are allowed to look at her for too long let alone ask her to prom without approval.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled at him.

"Why are you acting like this?!" He followed me up to my room.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I hung up my phone.

"I CAN'T BELIEIEVE YOU!" I pushed him out of my room.

"Ashely! What did I do!?" He begged for an explination.

"Never talk to me again! You're not my brother!" I screamed.

He made him leave. He did this.


40. Kiss or make out?

**Ashely's POV**


Buzz around the school for what was to come Friday was major. Everyone wanted consent to come to my party. Especially boys.

"Hey Ash!" Toby, the basketball star, strutted towards my locker. "Zayn." He nodded to him. Zayn grumbled a hello as he stared across the hall.

"So, what can I bring to the party?" Toby raised an eyebrow.

"Who invited you?" I snickered. He rolled his eyes. "No one gave you an invitation."

"Then." He grabbed an envelope out of my locker. "Looks like I gave myself one!"

"No kid, that's not how It works around here." I tried to snatch it back but he raised it up above my head. I stomped my foot.

"Give it back!" I whined.

Toby continued to torture me until someone grabbed his arm.

"Give it back." Zayn hissed. Toby let go of it and I caught it before it fell to the floor. "Now get!"

"See yah, Ash." Derek muttered before running off.

Zayn smirked as I closed my locker. "Thanks." I whispered.

"Hey, you two!" A voice screamed. We turned and saw Louis running up to us. "You got your stuff?" I nodded. "Let's go then."

Harry was taking us out to lunch. I swung my bag over my shoulder and walked with the two. We got to the car where Harry greeted us warmly.

"Finally!" Niall cheered. "I am about to die!"

"Calm down." Liam whispered.

"It took you guys long enough." Niall exclaimed.

"Sorry Nialler." I said.

"What took you guys so long?" Harry began to back out.

I told him what had happened. Harry scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"Whatever." He muttered.

We got to the restaurant and sat in a booth. I was in first, then Zayn, then Louis. Across from me was Niall, then Liam and at last, Harry. Zayn and I made conversation behind our menus. At one point, Harry got up to use the bathroom. Once he was out of sight Zayn leaned over so our faces were inches apart.

"What do you want for your birthday?" He asked. 

"Nothing." I replied.

He rolled his eyes. "That is what every girl says but then gets pissed whenever you don't bring her a present!"

I shrugged.

"You can give her birthday sex." Louis suggested.

Liam began to choke on his water. "Louis!" He snapped.

Louis giggled. "She knows she wants it."

"Shut up, Louis!" I screamed.

"Just admit it!" He said.

"Admit what?" Harry said as Zayn jumped back in his seat then cleared his voice.

"Nothing...." Louis answered to a confused Harry.

Harry pushed it off. When the waitress took our order, I felt something tickle my knee. I saw Zayn's hand curl up on the cap as he placed his order. I held my breath as he slowly inched further up.

"And what about you, little lady?" A voice said.

"Huh?" I managed our as Zayn stopped midthigh.

"Your order?" She giggled.


"She'll have the same as me." Harry spoke up.

I nodded even though I had no idea what he was getting. The woman walked away. A smile was spread across Zayn's face as he continued to talk to Liam. His hand still on my thigh. Louis glanced over and saw my flushing cheeks. He saw his hand then bursted out laughing.

"Wow!" Was all he could say.

"You okay, Ash?" Harry asked.

"It's hot in here." I pulled my school cardigan off.

"Not really." Zayn smirked.

"Shut up." I grumbled.

Louis whispered something in Zayn's ear causing Zayn to chuckle. After a couple of seconds, his hand began to rise again. I jumped up right as he got too high up for comfort. Everyone stared at me. Zayn and Louis doubled over in laughter.

"What's wrong, Tiger?" Harry asked.

I shook my head. When I settled back down, I finished eating. Harry paid for my meal then we headed out.

"Ashely, can you come over?" Zayn asked.

"For?" I replied.

"Homework." He explained.

I looked at Harry. "Why not? I'm going to Lou's." He said.

I was surprised but pushed it off. Harry dropped Zayn and I off.

"Mums not home." Zayn mutters as he unlocks the house. As soon as the door closes I yank his hair. In return, he spun around and held my hips, pressing my body against the door.

"You perv!" I yelled.

A sly grin appears on his face as he leans in.

"You're going to rape me.... Aren't you?" I narrowed my eyes.

He shook his head. "I just want to kiss you."

"Kiss? Or make out?' I giggled.

He shrugged. "Depends." Zayn whispered before kissing my lips.

I pulled him tighter and smiled as he picked me up. I pulled away.

"Let's go to my room." He suggested.

"If yout think you're getting lucky, you're wrong." I said.

"Didn't say I wanted to. I was just teasing you." He smirked.

"Right, like you didn't get a little excited." I teased right back.

He kicked his door open then shut It the same way. Zayn threw me on the bed then laid on top of me.

I shook my head.

"Like you weren't enjoying me getting to close to-"

"I'M HOME!" A voice shouted.

Zayn rolled his eyes then lowered himself.

"Make out session?" He begged

"Your mum is home!" I said.

"It's not like we're gonna make noise. Unless-" his hand was on my thigh.

"Don't." I warned.

Zayn licked his lips before placing then on mine. I relaxed after being caught a bit off guard. Our heads moved in sync for a bit. His tongue trailed across my bottom lip before I slowly granted his desire of entering. Our tongues battled one another for dominance. I had my arms wrapped tightly around his neck as he flipped over so that I was now on top. He hands ran up and down the sides of my body. He tickled my side causing me to giggle into the kiss.

Then he pulled away and began to tickle me. I laughed.

"Zayn! I was winning!" I cried as he flipped me back over so that now I was under him once again.

"Babe, I'd beg to differ." He tickled me harder.

"Stop!" I ordered.

"Say I was winning and I'll consider it."


He tickled harder.

"Fine! FINE! You won!" I gasped for air.

He stopped. "And don't you forget it."

I grabbed his arms and began to wrestle with him. He chuckled.

"You're cute." He smirked.

I rolled my eyes as I finally got him pinned down. Zayn laughed.

"I love you!" He whispered.

"I love you, too." I replied before kissing his softly.



SO...I'm sorry if that mention of rape was taken offensively or anything. I didn't mean it to do that! 

Man I just can't get enough of updating for you guys!

Luv ya!

~Luv KittyKat<3

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