My Big Brother

Ashely Styles is 11 months younger than Harry. She loves her brother to death. They're best friends. Everyone knows who they are. Especially Ashely's name. She's every boy's dream girl. Funny, wild, crazy. And good looking. She charms her way out of trouble. Harry thinks no one is good enough for his sister. He scares off every guy she goes on a date with. He loves her to death. Ashely's his best friend aside from his three other mates (Niall, Louis and Liam). But not even they are allowed to look at her for too long let alone ask her to prom without approval.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled at him.

"Why are you acting like this?!" He followed me up to my room.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I hung up my phone.

"I CAN'T BELIEIEVE YOU!" I pushed him out of my room.

"Ashely! What did I do!?" He begged for an explination.

"Never talk to me again! You're not my brother!" I screamed.

He made him leave. He did this.


32. I'm Sorry


"Hi, I'm Waliyha!" My sister grinned.

  "And I'm Safaa." She said.   Ashely shook their hands and giggled. "It's nice to meet you two. Sorry for such an enterance."   "Why were you-"   I widened my eyes at Safaa as a sign to change her words.   "I mean. I hope you feel better." Safaa smiled.   "I do. Thank you both." Ashely took a deep breath. "I guess I should get going."   "Nnoo..." I whined and leaned on her.   "Zayn, your parents." She began.   "Listen, Wahliyha and I were talking." Safaa began.   I sat up and looked at them.   "We won't tell Mum and Dad." She explained. "Because when you opened the door for her... You.. I dunno... I just want her to stay the weekened." Safaa shrugged.   "See, they want you to stay too. Just tell Harry you're at Katie's." I begged.   "Harry?" Wahliyha questioned.   "That's my big brother." Ashely said. "And I need clothes!"   "You can use mine." I whispered in her ear. "You look good in them."   "I don't suppose you own any bras and panties." She snapped back softly so my sisters couldn't hear.   I chuckled. "Just call your Mum and tell her what's up. She'll understand. She can cover for you. And Harry isn't comming by this weekened because I told him and the others I couldn't come outside."   Ashely sighed. "If I get killed, you two know who to blame. Right?" She looked at the girls.   They both giggled.   "I'll be back." Ashely stood up.   I caught her arm. "Wait!"   "What?" She laughed.   I pulled her down and kissed her.   "Aw.." My sisters cooed.   I pulled away. "Alright, go away."   Ashely pushed me playfully and went upstairs to call her Mum.   "So, what were you saying about me opening the door?" I asked Safaa.   "It's just. You looked happier." She explained.   I nodded slightly. "Now if you embarass me this weekend, I will murder you. Alright?!" I grinned widely.   "Ashely wouldn't let you." Wahliyha narrowed her eyes.   I groaned. "You're right."   They both laughed. Ashely came back downstairs.   "You're lucky she likes you." Ashely growled.   "Aw, I like your Mum too!" I winked.   She pushed my head. "You've got a thing for my mother?"   "Only you." I kissed her cheek.   Ashely wiped her face. "Gross! I don't know if you have a disease!"   "I thought you wanted my germs." I reminded her of Sunday in the bakery.   She giggled. "Shut up."   There was a knock at the door. Ashely opened it and in came her Mother.   "Hey! We were just talking about you!" Ashely shut the door.   "Here are your clothes." She handed threw the bag on the floor.   "Gee.. Thanks Mother." Ashely stared at it.   "Anne!" I stood up and went for a hug.   Anne hugged me. "Hello Zayn. Now, I expect you two to be on your best behavior." She pulled away. "No parties, no drugs, no sex. I don't plan on being a grandmother yet."   "Why do you always think we're up to something?!" Ashely groaned.   "You can home with a hickey just last week." Anne fired back.   I began to chuckle.   "Don't laugh!" Anne smacked my arm. "You were the reason why I almost had to bail Harry out of jail for murder!"   Ashely picked the bag up from the floor and began to look through it. "HEY! COOKIES!"   "Yay!" I tried to look in.   Ashely pushed me. "No!"   "Ash." I groaned.   "Share Ashely. I'll be back tomorrow to check up on you all." She said.   "Remember not to tell my parents!" I begged.   "Just this one time." Anne replied before giving Ashely a peck.   "Bye Mummy, I love you. Thanks for the oreos!" She waved.   "Bye Ash, I love you too." Anne then left.   I shut the door. "Share." I narrowed my eyes.   She began to run. I crossed my arms.   Three.   Two.   One.   SPLAT!   Ashely slipped and fell right onto the hardwood floor.   "Are you okay?!" Safaa yelled over the couch as they both looked at her.   "Get use to it. You're going to be seeing a lot of this." I chuckled then pulled her up. "You alright?"   Ashely nodded and brushed herself off. I leaned down and kissed her forehead.   "Good." I whispered.   "Zayn being gentle?! This is a dream!" Waliyha exclaimed.   "Shut up." I laughed.   "Did you two eat dinner yet?" Ashely asked.   They nodded.   "Really? What did you eat?" I asked.   "Oh.. Food..." Safaa answered.   "Yum." I shook my head. "Common, what do you guys want?"   They both gasped. "You're going to make us food?!" They said in unison.   Ashely shook her head. "No, I will. I don't trust Zayn with heat." She winked making a reference to her 'burn' lie.   I laughed. "Creative."   "Anyways. I hope you two like Ramen Noodles." She walked away.   "Do you not know how to make anything else?" I followed.   "Of course I do. I'm just too lazy." She turned the stove on.   I watched her move around the kitchen and locate things so easily. At one point, she stopped and just let the water boil. I was sitting on the counter.   "Are you going to eat too?" She asked.   I shook my head and swung my legs back and fourth. I wiped hairs from her face.   "You look beautiful." I whispered.   "Thanks, Zayn." She giggled.   I leaned down and kissed her nose. Ashely blushed then went back to cooking.   "Girls!" I yelled three minutes later. Ashely poured the Ramen equally into two bowls then I sat them on the counter. She jumped up next to me. Safaa and Wahliyah came in and sat on the chairs. I was in front of Wahliyha and Ashely was infront of Safaa.   "Voltures." Safaa whispered.   "CAW! CAW!" I yelled.   Ashely gave me a weird look.   "Hey.. Ash.. Were you hit in the head when he asked you out?" Waliyha said while giving me an awkward look.   "Maybe..." Ashely replied giving me the same look still.   I pulled her close and wrapped my arms around her waist. She rested her head on my shoulder and I rested my head on her head.   "Zayn." Safaa said.   I looked at her and raised an eyebrow. She put a thumb up and smiled.   "I like her." She whispered.   I chuckled. "I do too."   "I like you, too!" Ashely giggled.   "And everyone loves me!" Waliyha exclaimed.   "Yes, everyone does love you." I smiled.   Waliiyha gave me a slightly confused face.   "Listen... I'm sorry for being so mean to you guys." I mumbled.   They both looked unconvinced.   "No, really. I am. I missed you both. I'm sorry for being rude." I said.   "Zayn!" They cried and reached up to hug me.   I laughed.   I felt like it was the right thing to do even though they did tell me to suck it up when I was being... You know.. But anways, it felt right. You need to forgive and forget, right? So I will forgive them and forget about our past.   "Ash." Safaa whispered.   Ashely leaned over. Safaa said something I couldn't hear then pointed to my other sister. Ashely was already smiling but leaned over to Waliyha. She said something that I couldn't hear either. Ashely sat up and nodded.   *Ashely's POV*   "Stay with our brother forever?" Safaa said then pointed to Waliyha.   I smiled and listened to what she had to say.   "You changed him for the good. We've never seen him this happy. Thanks." She whispered.   I sat up and grinned. Zayn raised an eyebrow. I shook my head.   When the girls were done, we went into the living room and chowed down on Oreos while watching Pretty Little Liars.   "So intense!" I groaned.   My head was in Zayn's lap. He bit into a cookie causing crumbs to fall onto my face.   "Zayn!" I groaned.   He looked down. "Sowwy babe." He said with a full mouth then wiped my face of the crumbs.   "They're probably in my hair now." I sat up. "I'm going to take a shower."   Zayn nodded and stood up with me. "I'll be back, girls. I'm going to show her where the towels and such are."   "That's code for make out session." Waliyha giggled.   "No, that's code for I'm going to show her where the towels and such are." He explained.   And he honestly did. But not before he gave me a T-Shirt.   "Are you trying to turn me into a cross dresser?" I asked.   He gave me a confused look. "No."   "I'm kidding. I love wearing your clothes. They're so warm!" I kissed his cheek then went out of the room and into the bathroom.   I took a long shower so I could scrape the scent of Chris off of me. When I finished I wrapped myself in the towel and looked at Zayn's clothing of choice. I giggled.   Thank you Mum for such a smart choice in clothing. It was sweatpants and a school spirit t shirt.   I put my bag in Zayn's room then ran down the steps. Hey! I didn't trip this time!   "You look great!" Zayn whispered as I sat in his lap.   "Thanks." I replied and yawned.   I looked over and saw no sign of the girls. "Where are your sisters?"   "They've gone to bed. It's 2 at night after all." He explained.   I cuddle into his shoulder and wrapped my arms around his neck.   "Where do you want to sleep?" He asked.   "With you." I replied.   "Where Ashely?" He chuckled at my responce.   "I don't care." I said. "I just want to be with you."   I felt his hand slip under my thighs and he picked me up. Zayn brought me up the stairs then laid me in his bed. I brought the covers up to my face. I watched him through my heavy eye lids as he walked around the room to clean up a bit. Zayn took off his shirt then shut the lights off. He crawled into bed with me and pulled the covers over himself. His body radiating heat instantly.   "Did you do that on purpose?" I asked.   "Do what?" He held me closer.   I poked his stomach. "Take off your shirt."   Zayn shrugged. "Maybe." He smirked.   I leaned in and kissed him. "Goodnight, Zayn."   "Goodnight, beautiful." He replied.   I soon drifted off to sleep.   *Zayn's POV*   I woke up to someone's head cuddled deeply into my chest. I wrapped my arms a bit tighter and kissed her hair. I sat there for a while just holding her before I got up.   "Where are you going?" She immediatly whined.   "I think the girls are up. I'm going to make them breakfast." I sat on the bed. "Go back to sleep."   Ashely sighed. I leaned down and kissed her lips.   "I'll be back." I whispered then tucked her in.   She closed her eyes and soon dozed back to sleep.   I went downstairs and saw Safaa already sitting on the couch.   "Hey, where's your sister?" I asked.   "Still sleeping." She answered.   "Like always." We both said in unison before laughing.   "So, what do you want for breakfast?" I asked.   "I already made some eggs." She explained.   "You can cook?" I asked.   She nodded. "I cooked your birthday cake last year. Remember?"   "Oh yeah.. Thanks Safaa." I sat down next to her.   We sat quietly for a moment before she turned to me.   "Zayn." She began.   "Yes?" I raised a curious eyebrow.   "That Ashely girl. When did you meet her?" Safaa asked.   "A couple of weeks ago." I said.   "How long do you plan to be with her?" She whispered.   "I don't know. Why?" I replied.   She hugged me. I was caught off gaurd but I sitll wrapped my arms back around her.   "Never break up with her. She makes you nice." She muffled into my shirt.   My heart broke.   "You think I'm not going to be nice?" I said.   She shook her head. "You're always so mean to us and you get mad easily. But when Ashelys around, you calm down. When we're alone, I can call you a mean name and you'll blow up. But when Ashely's around, I could say the same thing and you'll laugh."   I held her tighter. "I'm sorry, Safaa. I was just going through something for a long time." I smoothed out the hairs in the back of her head.   "Did she help you through it?" She asked.   "Yeah... She did.." I smiled to myself.   "Do you like her a lot?" She whispered.   "Of course I do. She makes me happy. I wouldn't date anybody else." I explained.   "Zayn, is Ashley the one?" She giggled.   "Safaa, we've only been dating for.. For.. CRAP! Our second week anniversary was yesterday!" I realized. "Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap!"   "Zayn, calm down." Safaa whispered. "Common, let's go out and buy her some flowers and chocolates."   "Chocolates are good. Flowers are pretty. But is it second week anniversary worthy?" I asked.   Safaa laughed. "Zayn, it's perfect. Trust me."   I pulled my shoes on and grabbed the house key. We went out and I locked the house.   "So, do you know how to get to the florist?" She asked.   "Yeah, it's right next door to the bakery. Remind me to stop by there to talk to Ashely's Mum." I said.   "Ashely's Mum works in a bakery?" Safaa raised an eyebrow.   "They OWN the bakery! And I'm pretty sure I can get a discount since I am Ash's boyfriend." I joked.   "Whatever, Zayn." She laughed. **AUTHOR'S NOTE** Hiya! Thanks for all of your suggestions and such! It keeps me writing :) Now some of you guys have been wondering why I've been going to the hospital and I guess its only fair to tell you. I don't tell a lot of people because I don't want people's pity or anything.  I have cancer. Leukemia to be specific. Im hoping to get this story done before I start chemo. But there you have it.  Anyways I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH ITS ALMOST ON 50 FAVORITE LISTS JWADOSGKNVMOPAKS I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! ~Luv KittyKat <3
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