My Big Brother

Ashely Styles is 11 months younger than Harry. She loves her brother to death. They're best friends. Everyone knows who they are. Especially Ashely's name. She's every boy's dream girl. Funny, wild, crazy. And good looking. She charms her way out of trouble. Harry thinks no one is good enough for his sister. He scares off every guy she goes on a date with. He loves her to death. Ashely's his best friend aside from his three other mates (Niall, Louis and Liam). But not even they are allowed to look at her for too long let alone ask her to prom without approval.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled at him.

"Why are you acting like this?!" He followed me up to my room.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I hung up my phone.

"I CAN'T BELIEIEVE YOU!" I pushed him out of my room.

"Ashely! What did I do!?" He begged for an explination.

"Never talk to me again! You're not my brother!" I screamed.

He made him leave. He did this.


4. Dumb Jocks

Zayn and I talked for a bit more.

"I'm home!" mom yelled.

It was about 8:45 now. 

"Wow, you've been here for a while." i giggled.

"Hi Ash." Mom walked in without looking. "What are you doing?"

"Mom." I said.

She looked up and saw Zayn. "WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING!?" She yelled.

I nudged my head towards Zayn. "This is my friend Zayn. He just moved here from Bradford and he's my art project partner." I explained.

"Well hello Zayn. I'm Mrs.Anne. Ashely and Harry's mom. Nice to meet you." She smiles and shakes his hand. "Wow! Your hands are very strong. Are you looking for work?"

Zayn looked very confused and glanced at me.

"We own a bakery" I filled him in.

"Oh" He nodded. 

"Well you feel free to drop by we are always looking for extra hands." Mom says.

"Ill be sure to drop by sometime." Zayn returned a soft smile and stood up. "Its late, I better get going."

"I will walk you to the door." I followed him.

We went over and stood in silence in front of the door.


"SHHH!" I cut him off.

We waited for a few more seconds. 

"MUM! TELL HARRY TO STOP BEING NOSY!" I screamed as I looked around the corner.

Harry fell onto the floor. "I wasn't being nosy."

"Harry, stop it and give your sister some privacy. Why don't you go and bother Gemma?" Mum suggests. 

"I heard my name and didn't like it." Gemma says as she walks in.

"Take your brother and do something productive." Mum orders.

Gemma groaned loudly as she and Harry left. I went back to the door and shut it behind me.

"Im really sorry about my family..." I whispered.

"Is he always like that?" Zayn questioned.

I nodded. "He's a bit overprotective since I'm the youngest."

"Oh" Zayn nodded too. 

"Do you need a ride home?" I looked out into the darkness.

"No. My house is just a block away. I'll make it." He smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow."

He began to walk away. I grabbed him and bit my lip. It's a nervous habit of mine. 

"Listen. There's going to be a big game tomorrow. Our biggest one of the year. I'd like it if you came to see me cheer and help route for our team." I offered.

"Really?" He whispered.

I nodded.

"Alright I'll be there." He smiled.

I hugged him. "Bye Zayn"

"Bye Ash" He pulled away. 

I stood out there and watched him until the darkness engulfed him and I could no longer see him. 

"Are you planning to shag him?" A voice smirked. 

I yelped and quickly turned on my heels. "GEMMA!" 

"What!? He was cute!" She said.

"And hes too young for you cougar." I smirked.

She rolled her eyes. "So he's your date to the game."

"Who's her date to the game?!" Harry's head popped out the door.

"Zzaayynn" Gemma teased.

I groaned. "I just invited him because it's the biggest game. He's going to be with Harry and the guys anyways." I explained.

"Awwww it's not a date." Gemma frowned.


"No one-"

"Is good enough for my little sister. Blah blah blabably blah." I groaned and went back into the house. 

Harry sat on the recliner and I sat on his lap.

"Ashely! Come clean your things up." Mum ordered.

"But it was Harry's idea!" I yelled back.

"Then you can both clean it!" She yelled.

We both looked over at the girl who was laying on the long couch by herself.

"Gemmaaaaa" We grinned.

"Fine." She groaned and got up.

"Love you!" Harry and I said in unison.

She smacked us both.

"Why does she hate us?" I asked.

"Hater...." Harry rolled his eyes. "Just jealous she wasn't born in 94 like us."

I simply nodded.

We watched a movie and I rested my head on Harry's shoulder.

When I woke up, Harry was tucking me into my bed.

"Goodnight" He whispered and kissed my forehead.

I yawned.

"Get some sleep. You have a big long day tomorrow." He said.

"Night Pooh Bear." I said.

He went into his room which was connected to mine through a closet which was pretty cool.

After he shut the door, I fell asleep.


I was so excited. I got to wear my cheerleading outfit instead of my uniform to show off my school pride. They were your standard uniform that was yellow and blue. It had a big fat white C in the middle for Churchill.

"ASH LEGGO!" Harry yelled.

I ran down fumbling with my bow.

"Harry!" I whined.

He groaned and took the fabric from my hand. He tied it up and gave me a look.

"You don't have anything longer?" He asked.

I sighed.

"I just don't want guys staring at you." He explained.

"Lets go." I picked up my backpack.

When we got to the school, I was greeted by plenty of people. Guys were whistling and Harry was glaring.

"Chill." I muttered under my breath. 

"All of these guys are pigs." Harry mumbled back.

I shook my head and went to my locker. Harry had gone off the find Katie. As I fumbled with my darned lock, there was a giant crash. I looked up and saw a fight going on with the football players and someone in a uniform.

"Get out of my way!" The jock yelled.

I stood on my tippy toes and I tried to see who he was picking on. Truthfully, I was one of those kids who enjoyed watching fights. But not today.

"Bro, I'm sorry." The familiar voice said.

"IM NOT YOUR BRO!" The jock ,who happened to be Hayden, spat then took a swing at him.

"STOP!" I yelled as loud as I could.

Hayden stopped and looked at me.

"What are you doing, Hayden?" I pushed through the crowd.

"This douche was in my way." Hayden explained.

"Was he? Or were you in his?" I narrowed my eyes.

"Ash wat are you doing?" He clicked his tongue in an annoying manner.

"This isn't cool. Are you trying to get expelled the day of the game?!" I stomped my foot.

Hayden let go of the boy and the crowd dispersed. I went up to the boy.

"You okay, Zayn?" I asked.

He nodded slightly.

"What happened." I whispered as he opened his locker.

"I ran into him and made him spill juice on his football jersey." He explained.

"Hayden's a jerk." I said.

"You didn't have to stand up for me." He whispered.

"I did. You're my friend." I replied.

He smiled slightly. 

"Common just hang with me. People don't know you, thats why they're a bit rude. But once you're seen hanging with my group, you'll be in!" I smiled.

"So you're like... the popular girl?" He asked as we approached my locker.

" I wouldn't say that because I only have 5 friends. Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis, and you. I just tolerate everyone else." I explained.

Zayn nodded.

"Everyone at this school knows me though. Even people I've never talked to. They know Harry and I because were 'attractive'" I rolled my eyes.

Zayn just chuckled.

"Common lets get to first period." I shut my locker and walked with him.


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