My Big Brother

Ashely Styles is 11 months younger than Harry. She loves her brother to death. They're best friends. Everyone knows who they are. Especially Ashely's name. She's every boy's dream girl. Funny, wild, crazy. And good looking. She charms her way out of trouble. Harry thinks no one is good enough for his sister. He scares off every guy she goes on a date with. He loves her to death. Ashely's his best friend aside from his three other mates (Niall, Louis and Liam). But not even they are allowed to look at her for too long let alone ask her to prom without approval.

"Leave me alone!" I yelled at him.

"Why are you acting like this?!" He followed me up to my room.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I hung up my phone.

"I CAN'T BELIEIEVE YOU!" I pushed him out of my room.

"Ashely! What did I do!?" He begged for an explination.

"Never talk to me again! You're not my brother!" I screamed.

He made him leave. He did this.


33. Awwww :)

**Zayn's POV**

  We walked down to the florist and I got her a boquet of white roses in a vase and a heart shape box of chocolates and I payed for them. We then walked went next door.  

"Goodmorning Anne!" I yelled into the store.  

"Zayn!" Gemma came out.  

"Hey Gemma." I smiled.  

Anne came out and greeted me.  

"You got Ashely flowers?" Gemma gasped.  

"And chocolates." I looked at Safaa who was holding the box.

"This is my sister. Safaa."  

"Hello Safaa. I'm Gemma and this is my Mum, Anne." Gemma smiled.  

"Hello." Safaa grinned.  

"We just swung by to get some free cakes." I winked.  

"Ahaha, no." Gemma narrowed her eyes. "You have to pay like the rest of us workers."   "Gemma, I think I'll let this one be on the house." Anne cooed.  

Gemma spun around to her. "I just had to pay for the cupcake I made! And you're telling me Zayn, an outsider, doesn't have to pay?!" She groaned.   "

Hey, I'm just special like that." I walked up to the counter and set the flowers down.  

"Yeah special ed." Gemma muttered cause Safaa to laugh.

"She's only giving you free stuff because you're dating Ashely."  

"Hey, not so loud! Harry's in the back." Anne whispered.  

The colour from my face disappeared. "He's here?"  

"Yup! HARRY! ASHELY'S BOYFRIEND IS HERE!" Gemma screamed.  

I ran out of the shop but then returned slowly.

"You guys are teasing me. Aren't you?"  

"Just a bit, Zaynie." Anne chuckled. "Here you go Safaa."  

"Thank you." She took the cupcake in a small plastic box.  

"Here, this one is for Ashely and your other sister." She handed two more boxes. "And what do you want?"  

"Me?" I stepped up. "Nothing."  

"Common, Zayn. It's Chocolate." She held up a peice of fudge cake.  

"Well. Chocolate is amazing." I said.  

She put the boxes carefully into a bag and Safaa carried it.  

"I'll see you guys later." I said.  

"Bye Zayn!" They both replied as I left.  

Safaa and I walked back to the house just talking about nothing. I tried to reach for the key but the vase was too heavy to carry with one arm and I didn't want to put it on the ground.  

"Knock. I'm very sure Waliyha's awake." I said.  

Safaa knocked and the door opened.  

"Where have you two been!? Just ditchting me like that." Waliyha groaned.  

"You were sleeping. I didn't want to wake you." I explained.  

"Liyha, who was at the door?" A voice called from the living room.  

"Are those for her?" Waliyha pointed to everything we were holding.  

I nodded.  

"Come see!" Waliyha called.  

Ashely came around the corner and gasped. "Zayn!"  

"Happy two weeker." I said.  

She hugged me and kissed my cheek. "Thanks."  

Ashely took the vase from me and smelled the roses.  

"We also got you chocolates!" Safaa took out the box of chocolates then the cupcake from the bakery.  

Ashely laughed. "Wow."  

We went to the kitchen and set everything down. I then grabbed her and kissed her.  

"Aw..." My sisters cooed. I pulled away and laughed.  

"I'm sorry, I didn't get you anything. I was going to wait for my Mum to give me money." Ashely said.  

"You don't need to give me anything. Being you is enough." I smiled.  

"AWWWW!" My sisters yelled.  

"Guys. Can we have a moment of privacy? Go take your pastries to the living room." I whispered.  

They ran away. I turned back to Ashely and wrapped my arms around her waist.  

"Best two weeks of my life." I smirked.  

"Best two weeks of my life." She repeated then kissed me gently.  

I could feel her lips slowly curl up. I couldn't be more happier than I am now.  

Ashely pulled away and blushed.  

"You still do that?" I gently pinched her cheek. "There's no need to be shy."

"It's not that I'm shy." She scoffed and rolled her eyes.  

"Then what?" I whispered in her ear.  

"It's just..." Her voice trailed off.  

"What?" I looked at her.  

"It's nothing." She muttered.  

"Ash." I began.  

"It's embarrassing " She groaned. "And very cheesy."  

"Common." I said.  

She bit her lip for a moment. "It's just.. I still get butterflies around you."  

I chuckled and pulled her close. "You know what's funny?"  

"What?" She replied sheepishly.  

I kissed her for a moment then pulled away. "I still get them too."  

Ashely giggled. "Thanks for everything."  

"Anytime." I replied.   

We went into the living room and sat with Waliyha and Safaa. Ashely somehow ended up talking about just how beautiful Titanic is and how Jack dying was just the sob story of the millenium.   "So, anyways." I inturrupted.  

I actually appreciated how close the girls were getting to Ashely.  

"Let's go outside." Safaa groaned.  

"We can't. Mum says you two are going to get sick." I sighed.  

"But you know we're not going to!" Waliyha whined.  

"We're already breaking enough rules." My eyes directed to Ashely who was laying on her stomach on the floor.  

She scoffed.  

"Zayn Malik follows the rules!?" Safaa gasped.  

"Shut up." I spat.  

"Zayn." Ashely scolded.  

I rolled my eyes. "Besides, we might get caught by Harry."  

Ashely had already explained the whole situation and how it was a secret to only Harry. Everyone else in the world knew. 

'"I don't see why Harry is so mean about it." Waliyha groaned and laid on the floor.  

"Tell me about it." Ashely agreed and flipped to her back to stare at the ceiling.  

"Looks like we're trapped." Safaa laid down on the floor.  

They all looked at me to join them as I sat on the comfortable couch. I sighed and laid down as well. We were now making an 'X' in the middle of the living room. I had pushed the coffee table away to give us more space.  

"You know what we should do?" Ashely said.  

"What?" Us Maliks responded.  

"I don't know. I thought you'd guys come up with an idea." She sighed.  

We all groaned at once.   So to sum up our Saturday, we laid in the living room and all stared at the ceiling while telling silly stories. To be honest, I liked it no matter how boring it sounds. I mean, I got to spend time with three girls that mean so much to me. That night, Ashely and I got into the spooning position on the couch as we watched some movie Wahliyha put on. I didn't know the name, nor did I know what was going on. All I knew is that Ashely was getting tired fast. I held her tightly and embraced her in my body heat. She turned around so she was now facing me. Our legs were a tangled mess as she buried her head into my chest. Ashely let out a sigh and yawned before going to sleep. I hugged her.  

"Zayn." Waliyha whispered.  

I raised an eyebrow.  

All she did was smile. I looked down at Ashely.   

"Night beautiful." I whispered and kissed her forehead.  

After a while, the girls got tired. Mum had allowed them to sleep in her room so that's where they went. It was about 11 at night. I picked Ashely up and brought her up the stairs. I shut the lights off then laid down with her. She got close to me again. I honestly loved nights like this. It was silent and we would do something we both loved. Sleep! I smiled and kissed her forehead once more before going to sleep myself.  

**Ashely's POV**  

I woke up at 7:30 due to my phone vibrating. I struggled to get it as Zayn had me in a tight embrace. I shut the alarm (for work) off and just laid there.  

"Morning Zayn." I whispered before kissing his nose.  

He flinched a bit but then relaxed, still asleep the whole time. I ran my fingers through his tangled hair and smiled gently. My fingers gently traced down his jaw line and he groaned.   "Ash." He muttered.  

"Hmm?" I replied.  

"It's too early." He said.  

"WE'RE HOME!" Two voices yelled.  

We shot up.  

"Hide." He whispered.  



So I just couldn't wait to publish another chappie sooo here it is!!! 

How ya like that cliffhanger???

Anyways would you guys be up for a game of ask the reader?


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