this inst right but feels so good

what happens when alex barns best friend starts to date a super star and shes along for the ride sophia trust alex hundred perent so when sohia has a new job in the fashion industire harry and alex are sent on a road trip to get some fashion designs but what happens when sophias boyfriend harry starts to like alex what would happen to there friendship (harry fanfict)


1. proluoge

Alexs pov * Today was the day my best friend was telling me some big news i havnt seen her since last summer and now its summer im so excited to see her and hear the big news. Ding Dong who is it  its, sophia come on in hey sexy ahh sophia oh my gosh sophi you look great i always thought that sophia was beautiful her long light brown wavy hair blue eyes perfect skinny body me im just a regular blue eye blonde with long wavy hair and tan skin and long eyelashes sophia always told me i could be a model but i never listen to her when she said that so soph whats the big news well i just got a new job as a fashion designer and i know how your always saying you needed a job so your gonna be my assistant ahh soph thats great so when do i start, tomarrow i now its such late notice but you need to pack your things tonight and were leaving to my house in the morining but alex before you go upstairs i have more news  well what is it well you know that boy band from the uk um i guess what there name one direction oh yeah i know love there songs what about them you promise you wont tell anyone promise well harry styles is my boyfriend what no oh my gosh soph thats awsome but how are you not getting caught from cameras sneek around, soph where are you going to get harry it will be a sec come on in babe  you werent lying harry i ran from the top of the stairs to the front door and gave him a hug um alex my boyfriend oh right sorry well go pack okay i went up stairs to my room and heard foot steps um hey love oh im alex no i know but wheres your bathroom right past here right there he was walking as he tripped he landed right on top of me as i fell from the floor oh sorry i said looking into his courges green eyes huum this is akward i felt something hard on my thigh um harry something wrong oh sorry he got up his face was so red it was cute he went to the bathroom am i having feelings for my bestfriend boyfriend i cant ugg hate this....

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