Niall is my brother... Why won't you believe me?


3. chapter three


"Erm, Sierra? What is this I hear Emily called you a whore? And you hit Kathie Marie?" Mum questioned me as though I was on trial for murder.

Wow. News spreads quickly in this world.

"Well, Mother. I do not know why your dearly beloved niece, called your rotten daughter a whore. Why don't you go ask her yourself? Since you love her sooooo much more than me. Because she is soooooo perfect and does everything right. But me? No. You hate me. You hate that I'm so rebellious. You hate that I am not as smart as her. You hate that I have a boyfriend. You hate that I have a life. AND YOU HATE THAT I TALK MORE TO YOUR FAMILY THEN YOU DO BECAUSE THEY ALL HATE YOU, AND YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY COULD EVEN LOVE ME A LITTLE BIT!!! And as for Kathie Marie, she got what she deserved."

And with that rant over, I went up to my bedroom, slammed my door and blasted One Directions album Take Me Home. I was home not even 10 seconds, and my mother was more bothered about Emily and Kathie Marie. GR!

Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me...

My phone started singing Little Things by One Direction. Niall was ringing me. Niall, my brother, was ringing me. And there was nobody around from school so that I could prove them all wrong about me supposedly lying..

Me: Hello

Niall: Go to nandos. Get my usual. Get yourself something. Bring it to my house. And come keep me company.

Me: Woah, what?

Niall: You heard. Go.

And with that the line went dead, and I was still holding my iPhone to my ear for a while, and I looked stupid.

After about five minutes of just standing there looking stupid, I got off my bed and walked out into the hallway. My mum was standing at the top of the stairs, typing away on her iPhone.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"Erm, to go see my brother."

"What brother?"

"Niall... My only brother."

"You don't have a brother. You've knew that since he went behind everyones back and auditioned for xfactor."

"It was his dream, mother. And you couldn't support him. Which is why he never told you. So don't you dare say that I don't have a brother. Because I do. And he's more of a brother, then you are my mother."

"If you go see Niall, you can stay there. Don't even bother coming back. I mean it. If you want to go see him so much, you can go stay with him! I'll get Emily to move in with me."



Those words. Stung. Like a beesting.

I ran to my room, forcing the tears to stay back. My vision was going blurry with my eyes welling up. I tried texting Niall. It looked like gibberish. 


And with that sent to Niall, I packed my bags, loaded up my car and drove.

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