Niall is my brother... Why won't you believe me?


4. chapter four


I drove to Niall's house trying to stop crying the whole journey. My mother's words had really hurt me. I knew she loved Emily more than me, but I didn't know she that I was a whore.

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Nialler :Hey, what the hell? That message made no sense. I think you were asking if you could live at mine but I'm not sure. Ring me?

So I did.

Ring ring ring ring ring

On the fifth ring, Niall picked up.

Niall - "What's wrong?"

Me - "Mother kicked me out saying if I wanted to see you so much then I could stay with you and not bother coming back home because she was going to move Emily in because she loved Emily more because Emily isn't a whore but I am."

I could hear in Niall's voice he was getting annoyed just by listening to the story.

Niall - "She called you a whore?!"

I said nothing.

Niall - "Of course you can come stay with me. And don't even worry about that nandos. I do not want you going out there by yourself, you sound like you've been crying so you probably look terrible, I'll get one of the boys to bring us one in."

Me - "Thank you Niall. I don't mean to be a pain. But it really hurt what mother said. And I dunno where else to go..."

Niall - "It's fine, you can always come here. After all you are my little sister. Even if you are only younger than me by four years."

Me - "I'm 15, you're 19. That does mean you are older, and I am younger, therefore you are my big brother, and I am your little sister. Anyway, big bro, open your door, I'm outside."


When Niall had hung up the phone and opened the door, he helped me get all of my stuff out of the back of my car and take it into my room in his house. He helped me unpack all of my things and put my stuff away and organise all of my school work onto my shelf and everything. I hung up my clothes, and folded up my pyjamas. Put my books on my book shelf. This is my new home, might as well make it feel like home. I sprayed a little of my perfume, bluetacked a couple of photographs off me and my family and friends up on the wall, placed my teddy on my bed. Home. 

I walked into the sitting room where Niall had the television switched on, and he was watching it with four boys. Four famous boys. ZAYN LIAM HARRY AND LOUIS!!!! I start jumping around like an idiot and they all just stare at me as though I am crazy.

"Big fan?" Asked Louis. Omg, his Doncaster accent is amazing!

"The biggest." I answer.

There is a massive sigh ever in the room.

"Dude, you didn't tell us your sister was a massive fan of one direction! I mean, dude, she's not going to be as cool if she's just going to be fan girling every couple of seconds like most of the big fans we got out there. You know how they can get like dude. And she's going to be living here with you until she gets her own place which is going to make it a hundred times worse that she is such a big fan. I don't know if I will be able to get used to it, if she screeches and jumps up and down everytime we see her or she sees us! I mean, dude, most of our fans could be classed as crazy, really must your sister be classed as crazy too?"

"DUDE! At the end of the day this is my sister we are going on about, I'm sure once she gets used to you, she will be fine with yous. But remember she never met yous when we were all on xfactor, like how your sisters got to meet us. So chill, she's going to be great."

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