Niall is my brother... Why won't you believe me?


5. chapter five


"If you are complaining about my sister one more time, I'm going to hit you so hard it will break your nose, I promise."

"But dude, she keeps staring at me!"

It has been a week since I moved in with Niall, and the boys don't really like me to be honest. In all fairness, they hate me. A lot. I'm not like all their sisters. All their sisters are all cool, popular kids, who don't have one direction as their favourite band of all time. They don't support their brothers like how I support Niall. The boys don't understand how close me and Niall are. And they don't like how close we actually are. 

"I'm sorry, Zayn. But your eyes are beautiful. I haven't seen you, in the full week  I've lived here, and now that you are here, I've just realised how truly beautiful your eyes are. I'm sorry. I'll stop."

"Dude, your sister is like a teenage boy, hitting on me as though I am a teenage girl. It's creepy, and strange."

That hurt. He said I was creepy and strange. I ran to my bedroom, sobbing. I couldn't help it. The past week I had been so emotional, I hadn't even left the house. I hadn't been to school, my iPhone had been dead since the day I moved into Niall's place. I didn't want to see anyone but the boys. But the boys hated me. And I don't want them to hate me.

"Dude, have you ever seen a teenage boy get so emotional? Dude, you just called my baby sister creepy and strange. How do you think that makes her feel? She hasn't seen any of you boys all week, she hasn't got used to yous. Yous can't expect her not to act like she is."

"Dude, it's weird."

"Dude. You're an idiot."

Zayn REALLY did not like me. To be honest, I went to school with his sister. And I didn't like his sister. So he kind of had a reason why he didn't like me. But still. I'm his best friends little sister, he could at least try to be cool. 

"Zayn, please leave."

"Dude, your sister is the one who should leave."


That hurt a lot. I continued to sob into my pillow. My purple pillow. 

*Knock knock*

"Come in?" I sniffled.

"Hey, love."

It was Harry, he seemed to be the only one who really understood how I was feeling. He was the only one I had really gotten used to. He was the only one who seemed there for me. He seemed more like a brother to me than Niall did. And Niall is my brother. 

"Hiya, Harry." 

He came over and hugged me on my bed, and just held me there, close to him. I could hear and feel his heart beating. It felt nice. "Harry, why are you so sweet to me when all the others literally hate me?"

"Because I am not horrible. You have been through enough with getting thrown out by your mother, and getting called a whore. You don't need us all hating on you too."

Aw, isn't he sweet? Aw.

Why can't everyone be like Harry?

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