Niall is my brother... Why won't you believe me?


1. chapter one


"He is not your brother, you dirty rotten lying slag."

"He is my brother!!"

"Sierra Horan, stop lying! Nobody likes liars. Just because yous both have the same last name, does not mean you are related to him, never mind have him as a brother. You dirty horrible lying slut. Trying to get friends by saying you are brothers with him? Phaha. If you were, I'd feel very sorry for him for having a horrible, ugly girl like you as his sister. You are the stupidest, ugliest and fattest person I've ever seen."

This is where I cracked.


Then I launched at Kathie Marie. I got her on the floor and I started punching her face. I popped her nose and her lip, and caused a bruise to form in her left eye and it was swollen. When I thought enough damage had been done to her rotten face, I got myself up, dusted my clothes, then walked off, kicking Kathie in the side as I left. She must of sat there for about 10 minutes, clenching to her side... I think I may of kicked her too hard and broke her ribs. Oh well, she deserves it.

I started walking towards the reception at school. The receptionist, Austin, was a very, erm, gorgeous looking 18 year old. He had perfect cheek bones, with lovely blue eyes, he wasn't too pale , and he had lovely red lips. He also helped out in the PE section when the boys do football. And he takes his top off when he starts to sweat too much. And omg, I nearly faint everytime. He has a perfectly chiseled body. His abs were perfect. And it looked more like 88888an eight pack, rather than a six pack. His bum was lovely. And his legs, weren't too skinny nor too fat, they didn't have much hair on them, but they definitely had hair on them and they were definitely never shaved nor were they ever waxed. His hair was short at the back and sides with hair on the top that was styled into a quiff and it was jet black, naturally. 

So, as I got to the reception, I notice he is on the phone, not looking anywhere but at his paper, and his back was to the door that I walk through. "No, I'm sorry miss Marie, your daughter has not been to reception in a lot of pain. And no we haven't had anyone coming in saying she's been beat up by another student. And I doubt that it was Sierra, but I'll go check it out and see if I can find her and when I find her I'll ring you back and inform you on your news with your daughter." And with that, he put down the phone and sighed. "Damn Sierra." He said under his breath. He twirled round in his chair and caught my eye. "Oh God. What are you doing here, trouble?" I laughed at the pet name he always give me. He smiled at my laughter, and opened the door to the actual recpetion where he sat so that I could come in and sit with him. I sat down on the chair that he was sitting on just moments ago. "Ah, I thought that maybe I should come tell you that Kathie Marie is lying on the ground in the yard with a black and swollen eye, a popped nose and a popped lip, and possibly a couple of broken ribs."

Austin doesn't look upset nor shocked at what I was telling him. He knew that one day this would happen. Kathie had been bullying me for a while now for being a liar, and Austin knew I was getting sick of it. He laughed and shook his head at me. Then picked me up and sat down and placed me onto his knee. "Now, Sierra, you promised you wouldn't go so far as to breaking any of her bones, didn't you?" I nodded. "Yes, Austin, I did. But all I did was kick her in the side and she seemed to be holding her side for a while." Austin started dialling a number into the phone, I guessed it was Kathie's mum to tell her he had seen her daughter and that she needed to come pick her up and take her to the hospital straight away. I wasn't wrong. "Hello, Miss Marie. Yes, I have just seen your daughter. She has a black and swollen eye, a popped lip and a popped nose, and possibly a couple of broken ribs. I think you should come pick her up and take her to the hospital straight away."

Then there was a lot of shouting going down the phone. "I bet it was that Sierra. I swear to god, if I find out that this was all Sierra's doing, I'll get her arrested for assaulting my beautiful daughter." Eurgh. I was nearly sick. Not at the fact that Kathie's mum was going to try and get me arrested when she had absolutely no proof that it was even me that hit Kathie, but the fact that she had called her daughter beautiful. I mean, she wasn't totally ugly. But I definitely wouldn't say she was beautiful. That was crossing the line a bit much. "Miss Marie, I can assure you, Sierra did not touch your daughter at all. She has been with the headteacher all day, talking about her amazing grades. She never even got let out of the meeting room for a second. She's talking to some university people." Then the line went dead. "Phahahaha. University people, really?" I laughed at Austin's excuse for how it wasn't me. "Yep, now go away before she gets here." I sigh and frown. "But I don't want to leave my boyfriend to put up with Kathie's mum, and especially not Kathie when she starts talking again and says that it was me."

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention... Austin is my boyfriend. 

"I'm sure, I will be fine. It is not as though Kathie's mum could throw a harder punch than you." He winks at me and throws his arms around my waist, I shift in his arms so I can comfortably sit with my arms around his neck facing him. I laughed at him and leaned in for a little kiss. But when I pulled away, Austin pulled me back and deepened the kiss. He slid his tongue across my lips, seeking entry. And then that was it, it went from me and him french kissing, to him kissing my neck to utterly making out in the office. It was nice though. And then someone was seeking entry... Into the school... It was Kathie's mum. Crap. I jumped off Austin's knees and ran to the door to get out of the office, then rushed through the doors out of the reception completely.

Within three minutes Austin was out the recepetion going to get Kathie from the "Medical Room" when really she was still lying outside because Austin had never even went to get her. A couple of minutes later he had Kathie in a baby carry taking her to the reception so her Mum could take her to the hospital to get her seen to. "How did this happen to you?" Kathie's Mum asked Kathie. 

"I don't actually know, mum. I can't remember."

That's my girl, Kathie. If I get found out who are you going to bully every day? Ha. No, she'd find someone else to bully. She finds her victims so easily.

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