our love

this is the story of how to young love birds fell in love. all the struggles and the fights,the lies and the cheating. please read im new at this soo...


2. chapter two

nialls pov:

I just got back to london from ireland. the boys came with me to see my mom.i meet this girl her name is sara. shes so pretty her hair always has perfect curls. we have hung out a few times. she texts me all the time she is every thing i look in a girl.Im just afraid that im going to ruin it. speak off the devil its sara. < hey handsome ;) i love when she calls me handsome it makes me feel special. <hey love,hows your day so far?. she perfect im going to ask her to be my girlfreind tonight,im going to do it! i was waiting for her to replie when something on tv caught my eye. she was on a commerical for a new shampoo, who is that? then it hit me like a bus. thats jenna! i have seen he in a long time. i finish watching the commercial and called the salon she worked at. a girl named michelle gave me her number after i explained the sitution. when i called her she sounded so surprised. i really miss her but, i told my self that i would get over,and that she would and never felt the same way. plus i found my love and my life its sara and always will be. now i just wait for jenna maybe introduce her and sara.

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