our love

this is the story of how to young love birds fell in love. all the struggles and the fights,the lies and the cheating. please read im new at this soo...


6. chapter six

 harrys pov :

"two people can play at the game!" This made me wonder what she meant. " and what do you mean by this miss o'Brein?" she gave me a very surprised look. " how do you know my last name?" she said this with flirty confusion in her voice. " oh jenna i have my sources, just remeber that" i said with a wink. she looked like she just melted. i liked that very much, maybe i will have a chance  with this wonderfull girl , maybe i could ask her to hang tommorow when we take her home. That irish accent almost killed me, it made me want her even more. shes such a mysteroius girl.

nialls pov :

sara looked gourgeous tonight. She was so buetaful, i almost cant handle it shes just magical. we were siting at the tables waiting for the food when i noticed how flirty harry and jenna weir being towards each other i almost couldnt handle it. Then sara got my attention when she rubbed her foot againts my leg, i knew excattly what she was doing, and she knew it drove me crazy when she teased me. " sara quite" i whispered. she gave me a very mischevious looked and winked. then the waitress came rushing over. " im sorry for they wait the poperazze have been all over the lobby trying to snapp picturres of you guys, arent you two from one direction?" she pointed to me and harry. we both nodded slightly. " we heres your guys food so sorry for the wait" she passed the food out. we ate as we joked with each other. i have to admitte i had fun.i paid after i had to battle her to pay the bill for me and her, shes soo stubborn some times.

saras pov :

I have really missed niall we havent talked for a while. i had a plan, and a smart one at that. i was sitting there when the idea popped into my head if i tease niall i will be able to stay with him tonight. she i gently grazed my foot up his leg. i could tell this drove him crazy. " sara quite' he whispered to me. he knew what i was doing. we argued about if he was going to pay for me finnaly i gave up and let him pay for me, but he'll pay later.

jennas pov :

the way harry looked at me drove my absoulely crazy! he would wink at me from time to time as we talked and asked about each other i mean i had a really good time. he paid for me without even asking me and we all walked to the car. we all hopped in me and harry in the back again. harry could tell i liked him and i could tell he liked me. After harry opened my door i hopped in and thanked him. he got in on te other side and when he got in he scooted closer to me . closer than when we first meet each other. He got so close our knees were touching, and im not going to lie i liked it. he scooted over a little more and our hands were touching. This sent chills up my spine. we headed to my house first because i was expecting sara to stay with niall and i will probally have to stay home by myself . great... we pulled up and niall parked. he turned around to me and harry. " i thought we could hang out if you didnt mimd because i know its your house." i got extremmly exicted and shook my head up and down. we all jumped out of the car. harry ran around to me as soon as i got out of the car and grabbed my hand. i almost fainted, his hand fit perfectly in mine it might have been a little fast but i liked it to much to stop it. i lead the way because i had the key. i lead them in the took there shoes of at the door. Me and sara told the boys to sit on the couch while we went and changed in to something comfy. me and sara fast walked into our bedroom, and quickly sit down on our bed after i shut the door. ' SPILL IT!" i toke a deep breath " he is so fucking adorable his eyes that accent, o my gosh and he is a major flirt!" she looked at me with joy. " when i saw him checked you out in the dress i was like DAMN! there def going to date or be freinds with benifeits!' i laughed at her response. she cracked me up sometimes. i looked through my draws throwing a pair of my sweat pants at her and a shirt she shrugged and mumbled why not and started undressing. i got me my favorite sweat pants that matched my favorite hoodie. after i changed i told her to go out with niall and harry i was going to clean my face. i walked in my bathroom and reached in my cabinet to get my make up remover, and started to apply it to my face.suddenly i got this feeling that i was being watched i turned my head towards the door and there stood a very tall handsome harry smirking at me as he walked into my bathroom with his hands in his pockets. i pretended like i didnt seem trying to hold back the smile that was growing on my face as he walked over to me and just stood there.i finished appleing it and washed it off. " You know your buetaful with out make up right?" i laughed at his remark. " yes i do" he stood in front of me he leaned down and whispered in my ear " anyone would be lucky to have you' he spoke softly sending shivers down my spine. " and i would be lucky to have you" he looked at me with his evil smirk before i got to say anything he leaned down and kissed me sweetly but with a hidden amount of lust. once i relized what was going on i put my arms around his next and kissed him back. i felt like i was being elictracuted. he pulled away and looked me in the eyes. " maybe we could hang out sometime, he handed me his number and whispered "text me love" " i pick you up at 3 tommorow be ready and with that he gave me a quick kiss and walk out and leavt. i was shocked and just standed there shocked but, feeling like i was falling for him. what was i getting into?

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