our love

this is the story of how to young love birds fell in love. all the struggles and the fights,the lies and the cheating. please read im new at this soo...


7. chapter seven

*ring* *ring* i woke up to my phone buzzing,most annoying thing in all history is to wake up to your phone going off. i snatched it of my night stand and went to chuck it. i toke a quick glimse and relized it was sara calling me, right be for i threw it i quickly stopped my arm and answered it. " HELLO GOOD MORING MY PRINCESS!' sara screamed to the phone. " oh my fucking god sara shut up!" i screamed back. she laughed at my on the brink of tears from laughing so hard. " im sorry thought you would have been up since your date with harry is in about a hour."i heard her giggling on the other line. i jumped at out my bed , yelling thank you good bye to the phone and hanging up. i ran in my bathroom jumping in the shower. i have what a hour? i toke a deep breath and started the shower, sticking my hand in to make sure it wasnt to cold or too hot. i quickly stripped down and jumped in the shower. chills were sent up my body when i stepped in. i stepped in let the water wet my hair making it stick to my back. i finished washing and stepped put grabbing my towel to dry off. i jumped slighly went my phone started busy it was a unknow number texting me. i unlocked my phone and viewed the text. < hey love. its harry you didnt text me was worried see you at 7. Xx harry . i quickly replied. <oh hey. dont know what too wear any help?;) i sat my phone on the sink. i walked over to my curling iron. as soon as turned it on my phone buzzed. < wear something sexy!. then my favorite dress in the world popped in my head. i ran to my closet and jerked open the door. there hanging was my black dress. it was a black with light tint of red, it was semi tight and huged all my curves emphisizing my butt and my boobs. just the way i liked it. when i walked into the bathroom i had a text from harry again. < cant wait to see you love.Xx. i laughed like i was insane, he already knew how to make me smile how sweet he was.

15 minutes later:

i finished curling my hair into perfect curls, just the way i liked it.

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