our love

this is the story of how to young love birds fell in love. all the struggles and the fights,the lies and the cheating. please read im new at this soo...


1. chapter one

todays the day i whisper to my self as i walked to my car. tonight i get to go on a double date with my bestie sara and her date. she wount tell me who her date is! . i reached my car i got in started the engine and drove off. i have to work intill about a hour before the date my luck... i was half way there. i swear almost every time i get lost london is such a big place. i have only lived her for about a year and a half or so. i moved down her from ireland. as soon as i  thought that niall popped in my head.i came down for this amazing job offer i got. i now work for a famous hair dresser, devail may von. i couldnt belive it she wanted me, jenna o'Brien from ireland to work for her! i snapped back to reality when my phone started buzzing in my purse it was a unknown number. i mind you i always get nervous when a unknown number calls. im only 19. anyways i answered. "hello jenna o'Brien" with my perky irish accent. my mouth dropped when they other line replied " jenna its niall!" " oh my gosh niall! i have talked to in what a year?!"


i texted niall and told him i had good news.he is coming down to get some stuff and visit his mom .hes going to freak! were going to be living together again but in london. i guess he has this band,but he has to stay in london. i have missed him so much. he has been gone for a few months. he is like a brother. i was home alone my parents went to go get my plane ticket. KNOCK KNOCK! come in i yelled. niall ran in a gave my a big hug. i hugged back,i started to cry. he looked me in the eyes and he softly spoke "dont cry jenna" he wiped my tears and smiled. i missed him so much. we are so close when he told me he was going to try out for x factor i was sad but supported him through every thing. "Niall i just missed you so much!" he smiled and hugged me again. we sat there staring at each other. finally i broke the silence and said " i have some good news!" he jokingly said " OH MY GOSH WUTT??" " well i have this job offer and im moving to london to be a hair dresser" i smiled and looked me in the eyes and started jumping up and down like a manic.


niall said " yeah ik im in london, wanna meet up and have some coffe?" i got realy exiceted "i would love too!" i would be so nice to see him! i havent seen him i a while i miss his eyes and his smile. JENNA quite your over him,you said you would get over him! "okay meet me at starbucks on main street!" " okay ill be there in a minute by niall" this will be fun! but wait i have to work! ill call the office. ring,ring,ring,ring. come on pick up "hello how may i help you with today?" it was michelle. " hey mich could you cover me for today its jenna." there was a long pause. "ahh what the heck why not,love!" oh thank gosh! "thank you soo much michelle!" i quickly hung up and speed to the coffe shop!    

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