our love

this is the story of how to young love birds fell in love. all the struggles and the fights,the lies and the cheating. please read im new at this soo...


9. chapter nine

                                im soooo sorry about the super short chapters every time i go too write my grandparents come home! thanks for all the people reading this, i will try as hard as i can too update over spring break:)

                                                      love, jaden poole :)


                                                      Harry's pov

              as we walked up to restraunt i smiled at her expression. Maybe she forgot that i was in the biggest boyband in the world. "oh harry this is so pretty!" I loved the her accent , just a big turn on for me. " its one of my favorite joints in town " honestly i loved her smile and he laugh, shes just perfect. i just hope she doesnt think of me as a womanizer like all the tabloids say. " you seem awfully distant tonight you okay?" she asks with the sweetest smile ever. " yes im fine love no need to worry " she smiled back the waiter quickly relized who i was and lead us to our table. I pulled out he chair as i went too walk over to my chair when she grabs my arm. the next thing she did shocked me but a good shock . she looked me in the eyes and grabbed my face and kissed me , after i relized what was happening she pulled away. she was teasing me .e



* authors not *

o my gosh thanks for all the veiws , im trying hard to update as much i can!!!

i honestly have no idea how i want this to got.. its like 11 now and im prob just going to skip the date its taking to long

blahh!!! love you guys Xx

*after date *

jenna's pov

after our date which went lovley, he drove me home. the whole way we werer singing songs that came on that we knew.

we finnaly got to my house . honestly i didnt wanna go home. of course he got out first and opened my door but this time he grabed my hand.it felt like lightining through my whole body. He walked me to my door. " i had a really good time love" he said being his cheeky little self. " me too styles " i said smiling . after staring into each others eyes he slowly leant down . i knew what he was going too do so i beat him to it. i quickly slammed our lips togther. they moved with each other i wrapped my arms around his next. i pulled away from the kiss. i grabbed the back of his next and pulled his head down and whispered ." bye harry ". and with that i turned around leaving my heart fluttering.

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