our love

this is the story of how to young love birds fell in love. all the struggles and the fights,the lies and the cheating. please read im new at this soo...


4. chapter four

 nialls pov:

I told jenna every thing. first kiss, everything. finally i told her that i really liked her and i was going to ask her to be my girlfreind. when i said that it seemed like the sprakle in her eyes disapeared.she finnaly said something i couldnt hear her it was like "im glad niall" or something like that. she finnaly stood up and said " well niall i got to go get ready and trie to find a date" i stood up and looked at her "i got that coverded, hes a realy good freind off mine youll love him!"she nodded and gave me a quick hug and walked out the door. whats wrong with her? she was fine in till i said that i was going to ask sara out.im just compelty confused. i paid the bill and walked to my car. when i got  to the house i rembered that i had to talk to harry about tonight. I showed harry of her. he says she gorgoues so this should work . i walked to harrys room and knocked. " COME IN HE!" he yelled.

harrys pov:

i heard some one knock at my door. come in i yelled. niall walked in. "i have a girl i want you to meet dress nice and be in the living room by 630. oh and her name is jenna, be nice" before i could say anything he turned and walked out. i checked my phone and saw it was 615 i jumped of my bed and ran to my closet.

jennas pov:

i was already i had my black heels on with my favorite like black dress that fit every curve of my body. i had my hair curled and some light make up. i hope i like this guy,i mean its one of nialls freinds.i waited for about 5 minutes next thing i knew sara came running in and screaming " GET OF THE COUCH BITCH LETS GOO!" i laughed and jumped of the couch and ran to hug her. i whispered in her ear" i know who you have been talking to" she pulled away and looked at my very confused. i giggled and said " i know niall, he lived next door to me in ireland, we were bestfreinds" i added hints of pep in my voice. she smiled and we ran to the car.

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