our love

this is the story of how to young love birds fell in love. all the struggles and the fights,the lies and the cheating. please read im new at this soo...


8. chapter eight

*sorry for the sudden ending grandma came home*

after i curled my hair i quickly slipped on my dress and my black high hells. i checked my self in the mirror and applied light make up to my face. just then i heard a knock at my door, must be harry. i grab the essitionals like my id and my lip gloss. i ran down the stairs but made sure i didnt fall.i stopped at the door swipe down the skirt of my dress . i unlocked the door to a very handsome harry. he was wearing a very nice dress shirt. "you look amazing jenna." he whispered in my ear as he kissed my cheek. this almost melted me. he stepped in and i shut the door. "so were are we going to?" i ask in a shaky tone. he chuckled at me and looked up at me with a smile on his. "were going out too eat then were going to a club." o my dinner and clubbing my favorite. i very much a party girl at the time. " you might wanna bring a change of clothes unless you wanna club in that" he said winking. i would fell uncomfortable so i quickly ran up the stairs too my closet. i grab my favorite pair of jeans and my top, it was black and huge down in the front. i walked down the stairs and he was on the phone. i stopped backed up and listened to the conversation. " yes li im waiting for her now.' "i know you wanna meet her ,and you will tommorow, i really like her i dont wanna blow it" my heart flutter, i ran down the stairs. " you ready love?" i smiled and opened the door. "sure am!" "ladies first" i walked to his car where he opened the door and helped me in. this was a very nice car. he ran over the other side and hopped in. he started the car and drove away from my house. "i havent noticed this but you accent is realy hot" he said. Many guys that i have realashionships were either irish or american i have dated anyone since i moved here." i must say yours it too." this made him smile uncontrably. we pulled up too this very expensive restraunt. " were here " he hopped  out of the car

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