our love

this is the story of how to young love birds fell in love. all the struggles and the fights,the lies and the cheating. please read im new at this soo...


5. chaper five

So we were on our way there, and things got really ackward when sara leaned over  in the front seat and whispered in nialls ear. i mean i understand if they were going to date but, come on i front off me gross, But what hurt me the most is that sara didnt tell me. when i could of figured out earlier but she never said anything about a guy at all! I snapped out of my mental confersation with my self when we stop and a very tall handsome lad gets in the back with me. He was just just buetaful,i mean wow. I noticed what i was doing, and he sticcks out his hand and say with his deep raspy british accent "hi im harry you must be jenna" after he finished he smiled. Man that smile almost melted me.we finnaly arrived at our destination. it was a very nice restraunt,i  was very impressed! i was almost schocked when harry ran around to the other side to help me out. He opened the door and ask for my hand i gladly excepted. As we walked to the restraunt hand in hand my hair stopped. "you know love your really buetaful i must say" I looked at his wonderful face and smiled "well thank you.your a very handsome young man your self" He smiled.

harrys pov:

when i stepped in the car i felt like it was love at first sight. She looked almost god like. She was buetaful, i almost let a very flirty question slip out of my mouth but i caught it just in time. i saw she was staring at me,i was going to say anything in that order till i figured out what her personaility was like. I decided to be a gentle man i quickly run around and escort her to the restraunt. I wonder what she thinks of me?

jennas pov:

we walked in and got our table of course harry pulled out my chair. We had two seprate tables but they were right next to each other. Sara and Niall loked very happy together i was called but, i still was a bit jealous. i looked over to harry and caught him smileing and stairing at me. When i looked at him his face got very red and he looked down at the ground. " you dont have to be shy harry, i know you like what you see." i said very flirty. I think i caught sara off guard by what a i said. She gave me and looked and winked. When i looked at harry he was looking at me in shock finnaly figureing out how i played i think he liked it. "Well isnt someone fiesty tonight?" I  winked to him just as the waiter came with our drinks. " Im so sorry ladies and gentle men but, they food will we a bit longer im very sorry." i looked at her and smiled " no its okay dont worry." The waitress walked away going to wait another table. my attition turned to harry we he cleared his throat " so since i got a taste of how you try to flirt which is ver lousy i must say sucks! i pretended to act offended " well if thats how you play mr styles then two can play at that game!"

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