Deadly Attraction

This is the diary of Jane Richman. She is your everyday teenage girl. Akward and a bit clumsy. Everyone thinks that she has the perfect life but it isn't as perfect as everyone thinks it is. She never knew anything but work and baseball practice that is till she met John. He is everything you could ever want in a person sweet,romantic, and a gentlemen. But when he asks her to do something bad, it will change her life forever.....
This story is meant for mature readers


1. Chapter 1


"Johnny isn't this that Jane girl's diary." Officer Heath said picking up the discarded diary.

"Yeah it is.. I wonder how it got here." Officer Kent said flipping the pages. 

"She was such a good student. She made straight A's all semester. If only she didn't meet him." Officer Heath said.

Officer Kent flipped open the old diary and began to read Jane's diary hoping to see what life for her was like... Here is Jane's story





Dear diary,

Hi it's me again.... My parents are argueing again... They are fighting so much that it makes me suicidal.. My new boyfriend John came storming in a little mad and asked them to stop argueing for once in ya''ll life. My dad hit him... That's when is escalated into a full blown fight. John was beating up my dad and i am yelling and screaming for him to stop. That's when my dad struck me. I fell against to coffee table completly out of breathe so i am sitting there wheezing and trying to breathe and John goes over grabs me and we leave. I still don't believe what had just happened. My dad didn't do it on purpose though.. He loves me he was just mad.. That's what i would like to tell myself. John is the only one that has stuck by me through everything. He is so sweet to me. Even though everyone else has desserted me he was there. I am so lucky to have him in my life. We are driving down the road now going to his house. I will start my new life with him drama free i hope... Til we meet again old friend.




This is only the beginning of this twisted story stay tuned for chapter 2.

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