Deadly Attraction

This is the diary of Jane Richman. She is your everyday teenage girl. Akward and a bit clumsy. Everyone thinks that she has the perfect life but it isn't as perfect as everyone thinks it is. She never knew anything but work and baseball practice that is till she met John. He is everything you could ever want in a person sweet,romantic, and a gentlemen. But when he asks her to do something bad, it will change her life forever.....
This story is meant for mature readers


2. 12/31/2015

Dear dearest diary,

Life is good so far:). We finally got to his house. He picked me up out the car bridal style and put me in his bed so gently checking for bruises. He is a doctor so he knows what he is doing. He works at the local hospital not to far from his house. He has been married but she died of unidentified circumstances. He was very upset but he moved on to me:). He had to go to work so i am here by myself. It is now 2 in the morning. I will write more tonite bye:)



Dear diary,

OMG I JUST FOUND A FUCKING BODY IN THE FREEZER. IT LOOKED LIKE A CHILD BRUTALLY BEATEN TO DEATH. I asked  John what the hell is that. He said that that was one of his abuse patients and he was very fond of him so he kept him. WHAT THE HELL!!!!! I asked why would you keep a dead body in his freezer. He ran his fingers through his dirty blond hair his blue eyes in panic. He paced the floor trying to find the right thing to say. I finally had enough of it. I asked him did he kill him. He spun around on his heels and stared daggers at me. That's when he hit me. Not just a little slap but a bitch slap. I fell on the ground holding my face. He got me by the cheeks and forced me to stare into his blue eyes. I don't ever want to hear anything like that come out of your fucking mouth ever again he said. He dropped my face and turned to go upstairs. He stopped on the 2nd step and ran toward me. He was saying im sorry and please forgive me and i won't do it again. I began to taste blood in my mouth. He helped me to the bathroom and cleaned my face. I didn't know what to think. The man i trusted and loved just hit me. I couldn't just leave him 'cause i love him and i know he will never do it again so i forgave him. He kissed me and put me in the bed. Now i am writing in you, my good friend. I love that you don't judge me 'cause other people would think i was crazy for forgiving him but you don't. Thanks for everything:) I have to go. He is coming upstairs. He will have a pissy fit if he sees me up. Til next time:)


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