Deadly Attraction

This is the diary of Jane Richman. She is your everyday teenage girl. Akward and a bit clumsy. Everyone thinks that she has the perfect life but it isn't as perfect as everyone thinks it is. She never knew anything but work and baseball practice that is till she met John. He is everything you could ever want in a person sweet,romantic, and a gentlemen. But when he asks her to do something bad, it will change her life forever.....
This story is meant for mature readers


3. 1/1/2014

Dear diary,

I don't even know him anywhere. He is an entirely different  person than i met 2 years ago. He is more angry than usual. He hit me dozens of times now and never says sorry. He asked me to the unthinkable... He asked me to kidnap this girl and bring her to the house or he will shoot me. I did what he said. He brung her to a room and raped her with everything imaginable and made me watch. She was crying and screaming looking at me with hope in her eyes. I had to turn away. That's when he asked me to do things to her. He put it all on tape. He even asked me to lick the blood off her urm place. I am not like that at all. I never even thought of girls like that and here i am doing it to the girl. I was gentle and made sure she wasn't uncomfortable of anything. She wispered in my ear to please stop that she will give me all her money to let her go. She began telling me about her kids and family and i couldn't take it anymore so i stopped and walked out. I heard screams 5 minutes later... I ran in to find him stabbing her. She was screaming and crying. I tried to help her but he elbowed me in the eye. i fell on the ground and watched helplessly as the woman was stabbed to death. There was so much blood...... It was like a fucking horror film! I started yelling and screaming at him. He picked up the body put it on the fire and burned it. I cried for days. I had witnessed a murder. Why is this happeneing to me:,(. I never wanted to kill anyone but i am the reason she died and that will live on in my head forever. I am so scared. If he can kill her then who else he can kill? Me? I am having second thoughts about what happened to his wife. Maybe he killed her... I gotta go he is coming hopefully i will make it through the night.


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