My World Tour With 1D

When Ivy signs the girls up for a contest to go on world tour with the band 1D and things get personal. Will the boys crushes on the girls turn into trouble?


7. The Long Ride

      The limo ride was long, quiet, and awkward. Finally,they pulled up at the airport. They got out of the limo and walked up to the doors. When they got inside, they didn't go to the bag check, they immidiatly went through securaty. Then they went on a tram that took them to an area that had only private jets. Hiding their aw, they walked with the men to a gate labled 'One Direction Jet 52.' They sat in cushy leather chairs. Then, the gate doors opened. They walked down a long hallway. When they entered the plane, there were TVs in every corrner and leather chairs that folded out into beds. There was a small food buffet in the corrner. There were also a couple tables. They when to the buffet and each grabed a smoothie. Then they sat down in a chair, ready for the two day ride ahead.

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