My World Tour With 1D

When Ivy signs the girls up for a contest to go on world tour with the band 1D and things get personal. Will the boys crushes on the girls turn into trouble?


1. Signing Up

   Ivy was browsing around the internet when she saw a pop-up add. It was for a contest and the winner got to go on tour with the boy band One Direction! "OMG I've got to call the girls!" She picked up her phone and first called Kayla."Just found a contest and the winner gets to go on tour with 1D! Pass it on to Maria" Kayla called Maria and Maria told her twin sister Myra who called Amilea. They all decided to meet at Ivy's house. So 10 minutes later the girls were all in Ivy's room. Ivy clicked the sign up button. She entered their names and clicked go."It says to win,make a video of you singing a 1D song. So, what song do you guys want to sing?"asked Kayla, leaning over Ivy's sholder."Well, I know 'Kiss You' like the back of my hand." said Maria."Alrighty then,we'll do 'Kiss You.'"said Myra.

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