My World Tour With 1D

When Ivy signs the girls up for a contest to go on world tour with the band 1D and things get personal. Will the boys crushes on the girls turn into trouble?


10. Meeting Paul

     Just as the girls where settling in, there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it!" Ivy shouted. She opened the door to see Paul standing there. " Hello, I am Paul, 1D's body guard. I hear you won the contest?" he said. " Nice to meet you. I am Ivy, and this is Kayla, Myra, Maria, and Amilea." said Ivy. " Nice to meet you too. I just came to tell you that you will stay here for three days, then meet the boys. After you meet them the day after we will leave to Australia, then Asia, then to America, and back to Europe were you will fly home." Paul explained. " Okay thanks for coming." Ivy said. " Good bye." said Paul and he left. " Well did anyone write it down?" Ivy asked. "I did." said Myra. " Good, because we need to know were we are going and when."

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