My World Tour With 1D

When Ivy signs the girls up for a contest to go on world tour with the band 1D and things get personal. Will the boys crushes on the girls turn into trouble?


2. Making The Video

   "OK, to make this video, we are going to need a lot of practice if we want to win,so let's see what you've got."said Amilea.

 After about 1 week of practice, the girls were ready to record the song. "Now all we have to do is submit the video into the contest." said Myra. Ivy downloaded the video on the contest's page. "OK, now the winners will be put on the site tomarrow at exactly12:01pm."said Amilea."You can all go home now and dream about winning, got it?"asked Ivy."Got it."said Kayla. After every one went home,Ivy watched some of the already posted videos,and some were really good. Others were terrible! So Ivy thought they had a really good chance of winning!


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