My World Tour With 1D

When Ivy signs the girls up for a contest to go on world tour with the band 1D and things get personal. Will the boys crushes on the girls turn into trouble?


3. Finding Out

Ivy turned her alarm off and groaned. She had forgotten to turn off her school alarm. She grabbed her phone off her bedside table and glanced at the top of the screen. Three texts, an email, and an ad. She checked the texts(all of them from Kayla about how excited she was), the email was from her cousin telling her to call her sometime, and the ad was about a microwave. She finished up and looked at the time. 7:33. She got herself out of bed, made her bed, ate breakfast, did her chores, and watched a little telly, and made lunch. By that time, it was 11:55. She grabbed her lunch and headed to the computer to see the winner of the contest. She logged on and went to bookmarks. On the homepage of the website was the winner. And what do you know; Kayla, Ivy, Amilea, Myra and Maria were on the list. Ivy screamed and grabbed her phone. She called the girls to break the news.

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