Stacy is a normal girl, living a normal life, surrounded by normal people. Or so she thought. When she talks about the things that happen on a t.v. show she watches called Supernatural, and a popular boy overhears, he realizes that she could be someone important. He asks her to help him with a problem at his house when Sam and Dean Winchester show up. They aren't supposed to be real. What's going on that brought them here? Will things go back to normal, or will things take a turn for the worst?


2. The Winchesters

     "Who're you?" Stenzler asked.  "How did you get in here?"  Before they could answer, I looked towards his sister and saw her passed out on the floor.  "Someone call an ambulance!" I yelled, kneeling beside her.  After the police and ambulance came and questioned us, and I convinced Stenzler to keep his mouth shut.  I told him, "We don't ever speak about this.  To anybody.  If you ever tell, they'll think you're crazy, lock you up, but if you ever need anything, call me, okay?" I said.  He gave me a hug and walked over to ride in the ambulance with his sister.  I watched as it pulled away and heard Sam and Dean walk up behind me.  "Hi." I said.  "So, uh, what happened... back there... with your boyfriend?" Dean asked.  I laughed and answered, "Not my boyfriend, just a... friend.  Demon possession   Put a Devil's Trap under the carpet, performed an exorcism.  End of story.  Who're you?"  I feigned ignorance at who they were, when in reality, I probably knew them better than they knew themselves.  "And don't lie to me." I added.  "Sam.  My brother, Dean." Sam said, pointing at Dean when he said his name.  "Hunters, I assume?" I questioned, already knowing the answer.  "Uh, yeah.  How'd you get into it?" Dean asked.  "I, uh... I knew some people in the life, and I kinda just picked it up." I said, shrugging my shoulders.  I turned to face them then, and said, "I gotta go home.  Homework." I said, gesturing to my backpack.  I picked it up and began the long walk home I had.  I was about halfway home when I heard leaves rustle behind me.  I stopped and turned around completely, looking around a bit before darting into the woods.  I crouched in a hollow tree and grabbed the necessities from my heavy backpack: my cellphone, a small switchblade I carried with me everywhere, and my diary.  I was about to dart out of the tree and begin running again when two pairs of legs stopped in front of me.  "Where'd she go?" Sam asked.  "I don't know.  I saw her run this way, but she's gone now." Dean replied.  I waited until they were a ways away from the tree before running out and in the opposite direction from them.  "Hey!" Sam yelled.  "Wait!" Dean yelled.  They chased after me and eventually, Dean caught up to me and tackled me.  I fought to get out from under him, rolling over and scratching, punching, and kicking.  "Calm down!  We're not gonna hurt you!" Dean yelled, trying to calm me down.  I didn't stop struggling because I felt like I was being suffocated.  I have major claustrophobia issues.  I pulled my switchblade out of my pocket and began slashing at Dean.  I cut one of his arms and made a long gash on his stomach.  He rolled off of me then, clutching his stomach.  I crawled away quickly before vomiting up my lunch.  "Sorry.  I didn't know it was you." I said, wiping off my mouth.  "Help me!" Sam yelled, trying to stop the bleeding on Dean's stomach.  "Wait here." I said, running back to my backpack to grab the small first aid kit.  I ran back as fast as I could and kneeled by Dean, lifting his shirt away and stopping the blood flow.  I patched up his stomach then moved on to the cut on his arm.  I leaned back against a tree and said, "I'm really sorry. I have claustrophobia."  Dean looked at me and said, "You have a good arm, though."  "Thanks." I laughed.  After a while I said, "I should really get home.  It's getting really late."  I stood up, but fell down almost immediately.  I looked down at my leg and saw a blood spot on my upper thigh.  I put my hand in my pocket and felt an open switchblade jammed into my leg.  I groaned as I accidentally moved it.  I braced myself and tried to pull the blade out of my leg, but I couldn't.  Whenever I tried, it felt like my leg was on fire.  "Help me." I said, looking at Sam. "Whoa.  What happened?" Sam asked, seeing my bloody leg.  "I need you to pull it out." I said.  He looked me in the eye as he gripped the handle.  I nodded my head, telling him to continue.  He quickly pulled it out, and I threw my head back, forcing a scream back.  I groaned as a few tears slid from my eyes.  I slowly pulled my hands away from the cut and did my best to patch it up without taking my pants off.  I had lost a lot of blood, so when I stood up, I felt really dizzy.  Sam helped Dean to the car and I hobbled behind them, trying to keep myself from falling over.  Sam helped Dean into the passenger seat before walking over to help me into the backseat.  I tried to keep myself up, but when Sam started driving, I passed out.

     I woke up to the abrupt stop of the Impala, but didn't have enough strength to lift myself up to an upright position.  I heard the door open by my feet and somebody wrap one arm under my legs and another around my torso.  I opened my eyes and looked at my hand resting on my stomach.  It was a very pale color and I realized I felt cold.  I closed my eyes again, feeling weak and let myself be carried through an open door.  I was laid down on a soft surface, like a bed, but it was more stiff than a normal bed.  "I'm sorry.  I promise we won't do anything except fix your leg." I heard someone say, pulling on my pant leg.  I was too weak to react to this motion, but groaned in pain at the sudden movement of the pant material against my poorly patched up wound.  I laid there, helpless as Sam- or Dean, or whoever it was- stopped the bleeding and patched up the wound again.

     I opened my eyes and stretched realizing I was under the covers and something was pressed against my back.  I tried to roll over, but whatever it was kept me locked in position.  Instead, I moved myself forward and sat up slightly.  I looked back at where whatever it was was pressed against my back and saw the sleeping figure of Dean Winchester.  It was then that I realized I didn't have any pants on.  I got up quietly, feeling panicked and made my way as quickly, but as quietly as possible to the bathroom.  On my way there, I saw my phone, switchblade, and diary, so I grabbed them and continued on my way to the bathroom.  Before I could make it there, I heard Sam walk in through the front door.  I ducked behind the table in the kitchen area, preparing to be found and possibly held captive.  "Dean?" Sam said, shaking Dean awake.  "Where'd she go?"  Dean sat up quickly at the question and looked around.  "She was right here." Dean said.  I heard them move around the motel room, looking for me.  "Her phone and stuff are gone." Sam said.  "But she's not." Dean said.  I could see from my hiding spot that he was holding up my pants.  "Do you think she thinks we...?" Sam questioned.  Dean soon realized what Sam meant and said, "I hope not, cause we didn't."  "C-can I have my pants back?" I called from my hiding place, pushing myself up off of the ground and hiding my lower half behind a chair.  Sam and Dean turned at the sound of my voice.  "How long have you been there?" Dean asked.  "For a while." I said, sticking my hand out for the pants.  Dean threw them to me and crossed his arms.  They stood there looking at me.  "Can I get a little privacy?" I asked, gesturing for them to turn around.  They turned around and I walked towards the bathroom.  I turned around at the doorway to find Dean peaking over his shoulder while leaning against some cabinets.  I flipped open my switchblade and threw it so it landed in the cabinet next to his head.  I immediately turned around and slammed the door shut.

     I leaned against the sink as I pulled my pants over my sore wound.  This was going to be painful for a while.  When I opened the door, Sam and Dean were talking to another man, whom I recognized as Castiel when he turned and faced me.  I wondered if he knew that they didn't belong here.  He cocked his head and looked at me with a puzzled expression.  "Who's this?" I questioned, continuing to act as if I had no idea who these people really were.  Before either of the boys could answer, Cas asked, "Why is she with you?"  He turned to Sam and Dean, who looked at me, very confused.  I heard Cas whisper, "She is the universe traveler we spoke of."  "Wait a second.  What do you mean 'universe traveler'?" I asked, addressing Cas.  "You come from another universe where this world is a television show and nothing out of the ordinary ever happens." Cas explained.  "Okay, but how did I get here?" I asked.  "I was going to ask you the same question." He said, advancing towards me.  He placed his hand on my head, as if to smite me, but the only thing that happened was he flew back, as if an immense force radiated from my body, trying to protect me.  I fell to the ground, feeling both pain-free and completely drained of energy.  I looked down at my leg and saw that my leg was healed.  "What the hell was that?" I asked, as Dean helped Cas up off of the ground across the room.  "You seem to have drained quite a bit of my energy." Cas said, gasping and clutching his chest as if he was in pain.  "Oh my God, Cas, I'm so sorry!" I said, getting up and running over to help Dean sit him on the bed.  I felt absolutely terrible about what I had done, so I wrapped him in a tight hug.  I don't think he knew how to react to my abrupt hug, so I released him and giggled, "Sorry."  I looked at him, realizing he l had more color in his face now.  "What did I do now?!" I yelled, throwing my hands up in the air.  "You seemed to have healed me." he replied.  "Wait.  First, how the hell did you know his name, and second, you're a healer now?" Dean asked, seeming slightly freaked out.  I sat down on the bed next to Cas and started to explain everything.  "Last summer, I was browsing YouTube  just looking at random videos when I came across one called 'The Children of Supernatural'.  I watched that and then I watched some of the show's bloopers.  I thought you guys were hilarious, and I wanted to know what the show was about, so I looked it up.  I found out that it was in it's seventh season, but was staying on for an eighth.  I tried to watch it on this one site, but it told me I had to pay, so I kept looking.  Eventually, I found a website that let me watch it for free, then I got all the way through all the episodes I could watch, I started watching them on a site that provided them for free, legally.  I watched the episodes that I hadn't watched before hand, then watched the newly released season eight episodes on my television.  I've actually got some people to watch the show as well.  I cried every single time one of you boys died, when Bobby died, when Jo and Ellen died, and also when Cas supposedly died, but then came back to life.  I was on the verge of tears when you guys almost died, or are almost dying." I finished, looking at Sam at the last sentence I said.  "So like that time when Balthazar gave us the fake key and sent us to the other dimension?" Dean questioned.  "Yeah.  Like that.  That episode was called 'The French Mistake'.  My favorite part was when you were like 'Yeah.  Amen, Padaleski.'  Then Sam was like 'Uh, "lecki."'  and you said, 'What?' and then Sam said 'Lecki.  Pretty sure.'  Then Cas, or I guess Misha, was all like 'Man.  Did they put out new pages?'"  I recalled, laughing.  Sam and Dean gave me funny looks, and I suddenly felt really embarrassed.  "Wow.  Okay.  Um, sorry about that.  Kinda fangirled a little bit." I said.

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