Stacy is a normal girl, living a normal life, surrounded by normal people. Or so she thought. When she talks about the things that happen on a t.v. show she watches called Supernatural, and a popular boy overhears, he realizes that she could be someone important. He asks her to help him with a problem at his house when Sam and Dean Winchester show up. They aren't supposed to be real. What's going on that brought them here? Will things go back to normal, or will things take a turn for the worst?


4. The Close Call Part 2

     I got dressed slowly after Sam and Dean left the bathroom, trying to remember what I had seen earlier.  I picked up my phone after I was finally dressed and walked out and sat on one of the beds.  I unlocked my phone and noticed a new text message from an unknown number.  I opened the message and it said, 'Come to Byrd Park Pump House.  Come alone, or you'll never see him again.'  Then there was a picture of Stenzler all beaten and bloodied.  I texted the back saying, 'I'll come tonight.'  I was about to cry, but I pulled myself together and said, "I need some new clothes.  Anyone care to take me shopping?"

     We all piled into the car and Dean drove us to Target.  I walked in and walked straight to the section I had in mind.  I looked through and found a Def Leppard graphic tee.  "Awesome." I said to myself.  I walked around and also grabbed some dark wash skinny jeans in my size.  Then, I walked around a bit more before grabbing an army jacket.  I walked to a different section, the shoes, and picked up a pair of hiking boots.  They were a dark color and fit perfectly.  I went back and grabbed a few more jeans and picked up a few more random shirts and bras and panties before walking back to the electronics.  Sam and Dean were suddenly behind me again, and Dean asked, "Got everything you need yet?"  "Almost.  Just one more thing." I said.  I took a sharp turn into the headphones section and pretended to browse.  I walked up and down the aisles, not really looking at anything.  Then he walked over.  i didn't know his name, but he was always here at night.  "Need any help?" he asked.  "Actually, yeah.  Do you know anything about headphones?" I asked.

Dean's P.O.V.

     I watched her as she walked around the store, picking up different things from different parts of the store.  I was wondering what had happened in that bathroom that made her faint or whatever happened. Then after she came out and looked at her phone, she seemed freaked out, but I didn't want to ask her and cause some episode.  I saw her pick up a Def Leppard shirt and smiled to myself.  Apparently, she had picked up some of Sammy's and my habits while watching that show or whatever.  She walked right past me and Sam and towards the back of the store.  I nodded towards her to Sam and we walked up behind her.  "Got everything you need yet?" I asked.  "Almost.  Just one more thing." she replied.  Then she turned down an aisle with headphones all around, but she wasn't looking at a single pair.  She was looking at a guy.  She walked up and down the aisles, multiple times, before he finally looked up and noticed her.  He walked over to her and I heard him ask, "Need any help?"  He smiled at her and she said, "Actually, yeah.  Do you know anything about headphones?"  He nodded at her and came back to the aisle me and Sam were standing in.  He didn't even notice us as he walked over to some headphones and said, "I recommend these cause they don't break as easily."  I grabbed a pair, handed them to Sammy told him to pretend she was his girlfriend.  She was a fairly tall girl and didn't look fourteen years old.  "Hey, babe.  Found the ones I was looking for." he said, leaning down and kissing her cheek.  She looked at Sam, as if to say, 'What the hell are you doing?'  Instead of responding, he looked at the guy and smiled.  "Do you want me to ring you up?" he asked.  "Yeah.  That'd be great." Sam said.  They walked over to the small check-out station in the middle paid for all of it, clothes and headphones.  Sam put his arm around her waist and grabbed the bags.  "Thanks." he said.  They walked back towards the front and I followed a ways behind them.  They turned down an aisle and, when I caught up to them, she was whisper-yelling at Sam.  "Why the hell did you do that?!" she asked.  "It was his idea!" he said, pointing at me.  "What the hell?" she said, turning on me.  "He wasn't right for you.  He's a player." I said.  "Whatever." she said, rolling her eyes and walking towards the door.  Sam and I stayed a ways behind her, which ended up being a bed idea, because by the time we got out the door, she was gone.  "Dammit!" I yelled.  "Where could she have gone?  Back to the motel?" Sam asked.  "I guess." I said.  We walked over to the Impala and drove back to the motel.

     When we got in, I noticed a piece of paper laying on the bed.  I picked it up and read it to myself before showing it to Sammy.  "Sammy." I said, showing him the note.  "I'm sorry.  I'm at the Byrd Park Pump House.  By the time you get there, I'll probably be gone.  I needed to save him." Sammy read.  "Save who?" he asked.  "I don't know, but it sounds like we need to save both of them.  "Dean.  She took some of out weapons." Sam said, looking through his bag.  We raced to the car and drove as fast as we could to the building.  When we got there, we heard yelling as if someone was getting tortured.  We ran up to the building, not seeing anything outside that could stop us.  I kicked the door open and we both ran inside, following the sound of the screams.  They sounded masculine, but there was also another voice, yelling for them to stop.

Stacy's P.O.V.

     I entered the building, and quietly made my way through.  I could hear screaming, but it sounded like more than one voice.  They were both male.  I had only seen one picture, so I didn't know who the other person could be.  I followed the sound of the screams until I came face to face with a door.  I listened for a while before I did anything.  "Please...please stop.  I don't know who she is." I heard Stenzler say.  "Maybe I can get a bit out of you." A voice said.  After a while, I recognized the voice.  Crowley.  "I heard another voice screaming now.  "AARGH!  Stop!  Please!" the voice begged.  It was a guy's voice and I knew exactly who it was.  I growled, feeling anger rising in me, but before I could bust through the door, another door opened and a deep voice said, "Sir, the Winchester's are coming."  Oh, shit.  I waited until I heard two sets of footsteps leave through a different door before I kicked the door open and rushed over to the two people I cared for most: Stenzler, and my best friend, Mitchell.  Both of their heads were drooping as if they were half dead.  I untied Mitchell and carried him into the shadows of the room.  "Please be quiet." I whispered to him.  I went back for Stenzler, but Crowley walked back into the room.  "Oh, perfect.  Just who I wanted to see.  I reached for the revolver I had on my hip, but realized I had put it down along with Mitchell in the corner of the room.  He came at me, but I turned and ran towards where I had left my gun, only to run into one of Crowley's henchmen.  He spun me around and held my arms tight against my body.  "Hello, love.  I assume you know who I am." he said, walking up to me.  "Crowley." I growled.  "Let them go."  "Oh, but I can't do that.  Then you wouldn't care if you got hurt." he replied, wearing a wicked smile.  "You son of a bitch."  "Let's save the dirty talk for later." he said.  The man holding me dragged me over to the chair I had just freed Mitchell from.  I was tied tightly to the chair, but not before my switchblade got confiscated along with my other weapons.  "Let's see what makes you scream." he said, digging a blade into my forearm.  I kept my lips tight, but groaned at the fire spreading through my arm.  He picked up a bottle and poured it into my open wound.  It was alcohol.  I groaned again, but didn't scream.  He picked up a hammer next, aiming for my knee.  He hit right in the center of my knee, breaking my leg.  Then he swung at my right shoulder, shattering my collarbone.  He punched me a few times in the face, leaving me bloodied and bruised.  I spit some of the blood out of my mouth.  "You have me.  The boys are coming.  Let them go." I said, looking him in the eye.  "I don't think I will." he said, giving me a smile.  I had shed a few tears, but continued to keep myself from screaming.  My face had a mixture of sweat, blood, and tears on it.  One of my eyes was swollen completely shut, and I couldn't move my left leg and I could barely move my right arm.  He walked back over to Stenzler and made another long, deep cut down his arm.  "NO!" I screamed.  "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" I sobbed.  "Ah, so this is how I can make you scream." he said.  All of a sudden, Mitchell stumbled out of the shadows, gun in hand and shot at Crowley.  "Mitchell, no!" I yelled.  "Ouch.  That hurt my feelings." Crowley said, placing a hand over a bullet hole in his right arm.  "I think I'll give her one to match." he said, flinging Mitchel against the wall, giving an audible crack and picking up the gun.  He aimed it at my right arm and shot.  I could barely feel that arm anymore, but I still felt the fire spread again.  He shot me again in the leg, just above where he had broken my knee.  I groaned and clenched my teeth.  I was shaking from the pain when he shot Stenzler in the left arm, using the last bullet.  I screamed, "Stop!  Please, please stop!"  I was sobbing at this point and praying like I never have before.  Then the door burst open and Sam and Dean were there.  I was having immediately relieved, but also afraid that Crowley would hurt them, too.  "Crowley, leave them alone!" Sam yelled.  "And why should I?" he asked. "Let them go, Crowley." Cas said, stepping out from behind the boys.  Crowley disappeared then, and I sighed in relief, letting my head fall forward.  I felt someone untie my arms and feet legs from the chair and begin to help me up.  "No.  Help them first." I said, pushing their hands away.  I heard a sigh, and then they walked away from me.  I slowly lifted myself up out of the chair, my arms in terrible pain, my leg even worse.  I stumbled over to where my things were and grabbed them, shoving them into my pocket.  I groaned as I limped towards the exit of the building.  Cas was nowhere in sight, but I saw Sam helping Stenzler, and Dean helping Mitchell.  I slid into the middle of the backseat, pain shooting through my body.  Mitchell was sat on my left and Stenzler on my right.  Stenzler seemed to have lost more blood, but Mitchell seemed more broken.  Mitchell leaned over against the cold window and groaned.  "We're driving to the hospital.  You'll be fine." I said, trying to reassure him.  He groaned again.  I turned and looked at Stenzler, who began coughing up blood.  "No.  No no no.  Don't do this.  Don't you die.  Not now." I yelled, grabbing Stenzler, making him look me in the eyes.  "You stay with me, you got that?  Don't you dare close your eyes." I said.  He nodded his head slightly, but didn't speak.  I blocked out the pain and yelled, "Dean, drive faster!"  I kept my eyes on Stenzler, but he seemed to be fading and fast.  "Don't you dare close your fucking eyes!" I yelled at him, on the verge of tears.  We arrived at the hospital soon after that and Dean helped Mitchell in and Sam and I helped Stenzler in.  "Help!  We need help!" Dean yelled, walking into the E.R.  Nurses and doctors came from all directions and took Stenzler and Mitchell away on gurneys.  I felt a pair of hands try to pull me away, but I said, "No, I'm fine.  I don't need help."  "I'm not here to help you." a voice said.  I turned to look at who it was and came face to face with another angel:  Balthazar.

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