Stacy is a normal girl, living a normal life, surrounded by normal people. Or so she thought. When she talks about the things that happen on a t.v. show she watches called Supernatural, and a popular boy overhears, he realizes that she could be someone important. He asks her to help him with a problem at his house when Sam and Dean Winchester show up. They aren't supposed to be real. What's going on that brought them here? Will things go back to normal, or will things take a turn for the worst?


3. The Close Call Part 1

     I looked up at the sounds I heard coming from the other side of the door.  "What's wrong?" Sam asked, seeing both me and Cas looking at the door.  "Someone's out there." I whispered.  I got up quietly and retrieved my switchblade from the cabinet and climbed quickly out the window in the bathroom, followed closely by Sam and Dean.  We ran around the building and to the Impala.  I looked back at the door to our room as we pulled away and saw two men who turned and looked at us with black eyes as we drove off.  I turned back around and gasped, seeing Cas next to me when he wasn't before.  "God.  That's gonna tale some getting used to." I said.  "How did you know they were out there?" Dean asked, looking at me through the rear view mirror.  "I heard them." I said, shrugging.  "I've always had really good hearing.  My mom always told me it was because I have bad eyes."  "How bad are your eyes?" Sam asked.  "I'm partially blind in one eye, and the other is starting." I replied.  "My mom used to joke that I judged people based on how their heart sounded, rather than how they acted."  Everyone stayed silent, and an awkward silence fell over the car.  Cas whispered in my ear, "Would you like me to see if I can fix it?"  I nodded my head and he placed his hand on my forehead.  When nothing happened, he removed his hand and I leaned against the window of the Impala.  Soon after that, I fell asleep, the hum of the car acting like a lullaby.

Sam's P.O.V.

     When she was talking about when she cried when we died all those times, then she said she cried when we were dying and she looked right at me.  I wonder if she knows what happened.  I hope she doesn't say anything to Dean.  I hope I'm not actually dying.  And just recently we found out that she's practically blind, but has super hearing?  I look over my shoulder at her as Dean drives and see her sleeping on Cas's shoulder.  He looks really uncomfortable, but doesn't push her off.  She moves then, re-positioning herself and laying her head on Cas's lap.  I laugh as I start to feel attached to her, as if she something more than a stranger, as if she were my little sister.  "Dean, what are we going to do?  She's been gone for two days now.  I'm sure her family is going to be looking for her." I said, looking at Dean.  He glanced at me, then at her, I guess we don't even actually know her name.  Cas spoke up then.  "I have already erased her family and friends memories and the memories any other person has of meeting her."  "Cas, what the hell?  Now she can't go home.  Ever." Dean said.  "What's her name, anyways?" I asked.  "Her name is Stacy.  She seems to have special powers as you have already noticed, but no idea how to use them or the extent of them." he replied.  "We'll figure something out about them." Dean said, pulling up to another motel.  He went in and paid for a room and I grabbed some supplies, waiting for Dean to come back out with the room key.  Dean came out with the key and grabbed his bag from me.  I looked in the car and Cas was gone, but Stacy was still there.  I opened it just like the first time, by her feet, and picked her up and carried her inside.  She groaned a little at the sudden movement, but still seemed to be sleeping.  I threw my bag onto the ground by the door and carried her over to one of the beds.  I tried to lay her on the bed, but she latched herself onto my arm.  "Dean.  A little help?" I asked, looking at him with pleading eyes.  "Hell no.  You didn't help me when I asked." he said, laughing.  I kicked off my shoes and laid on the bed next to her.  She pulled herself closer to me and rested her head on my chest.  Her slow, steady breathing relaxed me and I soon fell asleep, wrapping my arm protectively around her.

Stacy's P.O.V.

     I woke up in a warm embrace, feeling safe.  I looked up at Sam, his arm wrapped around my waist as if to ensure I wasn't going anywhere.  I pulled my phone out of my pocket and clicked on the Tumblr app.  I scrolled through my dash a bit before clicking on my camera and snapping a picture of me and Sam.  I looked at the picture before I posted it anywhere.  I was making a funny face and pointing at a sleeping Sam.  I laughed as I posted the picture with the caption, 'OMG!  Look who I'm with!'  I got on twitter and scrolled through my feed.  I noticed some posts about how I had gone missing and I was last seen being chased into the woods by two men.  I shook Sam's arm until he woke up.  "Sam, look at this." I showed him the article I had pulled up on my phone.  "Local Girl Kidnapped by Two Mysterious Men" was the headline.  "Dean!" I yelled, waking him up.  "What?" he asked, sounding cross.  "People think you guys kidnapped me." I said, tossing him my phone so he could read the article.  "There are apparently people looking for me right now in those woods."  Sam and Dean looked at each other.  "What?" I asked.  "Well, it's just..." Sam started.  "Just what?" I asked.  "Cas said he erased you from everybody's memories." he finished.  Dean tossed the phone back and I scrolled down until I found a picture of the girl who was missing.  "That's not me." I said, showing them the picture.  "But that's definitely you guys."  I collapsed back onto my bed, upset that no one was actually looking for me.  I got up and walked into the bathroom, closing and locking the door.  I stripped off my dirty clothes, leaving them in a pile on the ground.  I got in the shower and cleaned off my dirty, tired body.  Soon, I was just standing under the water because it felt good on my skin, but I opened my eyes and looked at the floor of the tub, sensing something was wrong.  Instead of water coming out of the pipes, it was blood.  Before I could scream, I got a pounding headache, seeing flashes of a building and then lights, lights that seemed too bright.  I tried to step away from the stream of water, but I fell forwards into the shower curtain, and fainted.

     I woke up tangled in a shower curtain, Sam and Dean leaning above me, yelling my name.  I tried to sit up, but I felt very light-headed and almost fell back down again.  I noticed something then.  I could hear voices when neither Sam or Dean were actually talking.  "What the hell happened in here?" Dean asked.  I tried to remember, but instead I got a pounding headache.  It felt like someone was pounding a nail into my head.  What the hell had happened? 

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