Stacy is a normal girl, living a normal life, surrounded by normal people. Or so she thought. When she talks about the things that happen on a t.v. show she watches called Supernatural, and a popular boy overhears, he realizes that she could be someone important. He asks her to help him with a problem at his house when Sam and Dean Winchester show up. They aren't supposed to be real. What's going on that brought them here? Will things go back to normal, or will things take a turn for the worst?


1. The Employment

I sat down in my first period class, next to one of my friends, Grace. I jumped right in, talking about how tonight, a new episode of Supernatural was coming on tonight and they were going to continue closing the Gates of Hell. I keep a close eye on the door for some reason, as I have the feeling that something weird is going to happen today. I notice some people from other classes come in, but that's normal. I continue rambling on about when Sam lost his soul and after he got it back and had the flashbacks. "He was fighting this spider-monster that was the police chief the first time he came to town to kill the woman spider monster that was kidnapping these men and infecting them to make them spider-monsters so she could mate with them or something like that." I said, as my crush walked into the classroom. "Then, Sam and Dean were talking in the motel room while they were packing to leave and Sammy kinda collapsed and had a kind of flashback-type thing to when he was in the cage in Hell with Micheal and Lucifer. It was kind of freaky. Oh, yeah and then there was the time that Dean shot his... cousin, Gwen," I said, trying to remember who exactly she was. "And Sammy shot their grandfather, named Samuel, after he killed one of their hunter friends, Rufus, and Bobby also almost died when he was being possessed by the Khan Worm and they had to electrocute it out of him. But then Bobby did die later, and I cried for twenty minutes." I looked around, sensing someone's eyes on me. I made eye contact with him. My crush. His nickname is Stenzler, but his real name is Zachary. There are like four Zachary s at my school, so I understand the nickname. He looked away and back at his friends when he realized I was staring back. I turned back to my friend while she talked about some show she had watched yesterday. I kind of tuned her and everything else out until I realized that Stenzler was standing in front of my table. I looked up at him as he leaned over the table to whisper in my ear, "Can I talk to you in the hall?" He pulled away and looked at me with pleading eyes. "S-sure." I stuttered, getting up out of my seat and following him into the hall. "W-what do you want to talk about?" I asked, stuttering. "Um, I was wondering if you could come over to my house after school tomorrow?" he asked. "Why?" I asked, dumbfounded. "I'll explain it all when you get there. Just get a bus pass for tomorrow." he said. He wrote his bus number down on my hand and I walked back into class. I walked back into the classroom, freaking out on the inside, wishing that tomorrow would come faster. That day when I got home, I wrote a note for my mom to sign saying that I could ride Stenzler's bus home the next day. She barely looked at it as she watched the news, but signed it anyways. I almost shrieked with excitement when she finally signed it. I, of course, lied and said I was going to one of my other friend's houses, a girl named Evelyn, who just so happened to ride the same bus as Stenzler. The day I was riding home with Stenzler, I saw him that morning and he gave me a look as if to ask if I was riding his bus and I nodded slightly in reply. That day seemed to pass even slower than the day before. When it was time to go home, I quickly found Stenzler's bus and got on, handing the bus driver my pass to ride the bus. I took a seat near Stenzler, but not close enough that it would look suspicious. He kept looking my way as I read my book, back leaning against the windows. I got so lost in my book that when Stenzler was getting off, he had to shake my knee to get my attention. I quickly grabbed my stuff, red in the face at all of the peculiar stared from the others on the bus. "Project thing." Stenzler said coolly, relaxing all the curious faces. We exited the bus, walking quickly to his house. When we got inside, I asked, "So, why am I here?" "You know yesterday... when you were talking about those people, Sam and Dean? Well, I think my sister is possessed and you seemed to know what you were talking about, so... can you help me?" he explained. "i can try. But I'll need your help first." I said. "Where's your sister's room and does she have a carpet that we can put something under?" I asked. "Her carpet comes up. Why?" he asked, leading me through his house to his sister's room. "Good. Do you have any paint? Red preferably?" I asked. He went to his shed and grabbed a bucket of paint. "My mom was going to use it to paint some room in our house, but she can always buy another." he said, handing me the bucket. I pulled it open and grabbed the brush he had also brought. "Help me with her carpet." I said, grabbing one corner and pulling it away. We got it far enough to draw a fairly big Devil's trap. I pulled up a picture on my phone and began working on it. While I was working on the Devil's Trap, I said, "Stenzler, go get some salt and line all the windows and vents with it, and when your sister gets into the room and in the Devil's Trap, salt the door, too." He got the salt and did exactly what I had said. I finished the Trap and let it dry for a while before placing the carpet back over it. I stood up from fixing the carpet right when his sister came into view. "Hey." Stenzler said, trying to act normal. "Hey. Who's this and what are you guys doing in my room?" she asked. "I'm Stacy." I said, sticking my hand out for her to shake, hoping she would walk across the room towards us. Luckily she did, while saying, "Oh. Stacy. Y'know, you're the first girl he's ever talked about to us. I was beginning to think he was gay." She reached for my hand, only to find herself unable to move. "Go salt the door." I said. I pulled out my Iphone and pulled up the exorcism I had saved on there. "Exorcizmus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii-" She began screaming then, as if she were being burned alive. A part of me wanted to stop, but I continued, "Omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica. Ergo, draco maledicte. Ecclesiam tuam securi tibi facias libertate servire-" I was cut off as the demon inside of her screamed yet again, then said, "I know what happened to your parents!" I looked at it for a split second before feeling the anger rise in me. "Te rogamus-" the door slammed open then and in the doorway, guns aimed, were two faces I never thought I would see. Sam and Dean Winchester. "Audi nos." I said. The demon flew out of her body and back to hell.

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