All That I Need

Monica is an 18 year old who is about to start her senior year of high school, and when her friends ask her what she wants for a graduation present at the end of the year, she says that all she wants is to take a trip to England. But she knows this is a farfetched dream because even though her family isn't poor there is no one they can afford to pay for a trip for her to go to England. Seeing how disappointed she is her four best friends Andrea, Bryan, Mike, and Grace all plan to save all the money they can from the beginning of the their senior year until they can purchase the tickets so they can all go to England. When they arrive in England Monica finds herself being the 5th wheel & spending numerous hours of the day alone. Who will she meets? & Will her life ever be the same? (By the way there is swearing and things do get pretty sexual so if your not into reading that kind of stuff, I wouldn't read this :] ) Thank You xx


2. I Was Not Expecting That.

The plane ride had been boring. I slept during most of it, falling asleep to the One Direction songs I had heard about 100 times each. But it never bothered me how many times I listened to each of them., I never got sick of them. When we had gotten off of the plane it had only taken 45 minutes to go through passport security, luggage clam, and the enormous crowd in the airport. But it didn't seem that long cause the whole time I had my head phones in listening to music. When we finally got outside Bryan motioned for a taxi and the taxi driver came over and took all of our luggage and placed it in the trunk and in the bin on top of the car, the bin seemed rather weird to me because our taxis in America don't have them. "must be a British thing." I thought to myself. Completely unaware of anything happening around I went to go take a step towards the taxi when I saw rather than heard Andrea yelling at me and motioning me to get out of the way. But before I could even move I was knocked to the ground and practically pig piled on top of. When I hit the ground in caused my purse to fly out of my hand taking my iPhone and head phones along with it. That's when I heard all the screams "What the hell?" I said out loud I could hear Andrea, Bryan, and Grace yelling my name. When I finally opened my eyes I saw 5 different guys piled on top of me, then 4, then 3, then 2, until finally the last got off of me and extended his hand to me

"Sorry about that love! Need a hand?" His thick Irish accent startled me

"Yeah, thank you." I said placing my hand in his when he pulled me up I was shocked at the gorgeous blue eyes starring back at me. I gasped. Holy shit. It was Niall fucking Horan from One Direction. But before I went into a screaming fit, I controlled my fan-girling. I pulled my hand out of his smoothing down my hair and fixing my shirt and pants. When I looked back up they were all there. Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall.... and Harry. They were all fixing there clothes as well. I looked over at Louis who was smiling to himself.

"I'm just glad I wasn't at the bottom of that!" he laughs "I mean how weird is that 5 guys that you don't know laying on top of you? I'd feel awkward,"

"LOU!" Harry practically gasped. "Quiet. She could be hurt!" Louis then looked at me a smiled at me sweetly.


"We really are sorry love!" Liam said sympathetically.

 "Yeah," Zayn added "We didn't hurt you did we?"

I laughed. "It's okay I guess I had my music on too loud, lesson learned" I teased. "And no you guys didn't hurt me, nothing a little ice wont help" I smile. They all smiled, it was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen in my life. Harry walked over to where my purse, iPhone, and head phones had flown to.

"Here you go babe," he said handing me my belongings with a concerned look on his face. "Your phones a little cracked" my eyes quickly darted down to my phone.

"Damn." I said. Liam walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder

"We really are sorry love, I feel really bad." he saying looking at the ground.

"No seriously guys! Its okay I'm fine! Like I said nothing an ice pack cant fix," I gave them a reassuring smile, and they all returned it. "But my phone on the other hand is going to need some serious medical attention." I said turning my phone over in my hand to examine it multiply times. They all start bursting out laughing especially Niall. But I mean what do you expect its Niall. I laughed with them still shocked at what just happened. After the boys finally stopped laughing they all exchanged a look and nodded.

"Hey listen we know where there is an apple store were you can get that fixed," Zayn says reassuringly.

"Oh really? Would you mind giving me the address?" I ask. Then a frown formed on their faces.


"Uhm, actually we were hoping you would let us take you? You know to try and make up for tackling you to the ground." Louis said mater-a-factly


"Oh. Well I'm here with my friends." I said motioning towards Bryan, Andrea, and Grace. Who were just standing there looking completely dumb founded. They looked more freaked out than I did, the boys had noticed too because they started to giggle. "Uh alright," I said looking at my friends with a confused look "Well anyways. These are my friends Bryan, Andrea, and Grace" I said smile. They boys all said hello and my friends snapped out of their trance to say hi back. After introducing themselves. Harry turned to me with his oh so famous dimpled smile.

"So on that note! Will you let us take you to go get your phone fixed?" he smiled. I looked at my friends and they all nodded saying they where fine with it.

"Okay," I said to the boys, then I turned to Andrea "I'll call you when I'm on my way back to the hotel?"

"Sounds like a plan" she said, I went over and hugged them all before I turned to the boys, surprised to see them waiting for me.

"YAY! New friend!! WOOOOO!" Louis yelled will jumping in the air holding on the one of Harry's shoulders and one of Zayn's. Everyone laughed at Louis reaction. But for some reason even though they were laughing Niall and Harry were blushing, I decided not read to much into it.

"Alright, lets go then." I giggled. Niall came over and placed his hand on the small of my back.

"This way love." He said walking me towards where their limo was parked. What had just happened? I just met one direction! Was this real? or was I asleep on the plane still and this was all a dream? It felt too real to be a dream. Holy. Shit. It was real!

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