All That I Need

Monica is an 18 year old who is about to start her senior year of high school, and when her friends ask her what she wants for a graduation present at the end of the year, she says that all she wants is to take a trip to England. But she knows this is a farfetched dream because even though her family isn't poor there is no one they can afford to pay for a trip for her to go to England. Seeing how disappointed she is her four best friends Andrea, Bryan, Mike, and Grace all plan to save all the money they can from the beginning of the their senior year until they can purchase the tickets so they can all go to England. When they arrive in England Monica finds herself being the 5th wheel & spending numerous hours of the day alone. Who will she meets? & Will her life ever be the same? (By the way there is swearing and things do get pretty sexual so if your not into reading that kind of stuff, I wouldn't read this :] ) Thank You xx


1. England Here We Come!

I was sitting in terminal 7B with my three best friends. Andrea, my absolute best friend, sat next to me. Her shoulder length sandy blonde hair straight as always. She was about 5'5, she had an hour glass figure and big boobs, she has ice blue eyes with a hint of green in them. She was dressed in favorite blue button up shirt with pink and white floral print, dark denim jeans, and her navy toms. Next to her was her boyfriend and my best guy friend of 2 years Bryan. He was shorter than Andrea, about 5'2. He had short black hair that was faded on the sides and went up in a flip in the front. He had a medium size build, he wasn't too muscular but he wasn't scrawny either. He was wearing his usually grey hockey sweatshirt, light jeans and white Nike sneakers. Across from me sat my other friend Grace. I loved Grace but me and her argued all the time. Grace had caramel skin with long dark brown hair. She was a little bit thicker than me and Andrea but her body was still gorgeous. She was wearing a purple V-neck, black leggings, and short chestnut uggs. I still couldn't believe that I was going to England with them! All of them including Grace's boyfriend Mike had all saved up money to buy us all tickets and a hotel room in England for my graduation present. When they gave me my ticket all the information I cried and hugged them for what seemed like forever. I'm snapped out of my day dream when a voice comes of the intercom "All passengers taking the commercial flight to England leaving from terminal 7B, your plane is boarding now. Thank you, that will be all." I jumped up and everyone looked at me with pure confusion. They must not have heard the announcement. "Come on!"  I yell "Our planes boarding!" I smile. They all jump up with the same enthusiasm I had moments before. We board the plane and take our seat. Andrea and Bryan were sitting together, obviously. And me and Grace were sitting next to each other. Anxious for our 13 hour plane right I plug my head phones into my iPod and put One Direction's second album 'Take Me Home' on repeat.

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